Advice Please Spotting During Pregnancy

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Re: Advice Please Spotting During Pregnancy

Postby debs29 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:19 am

Hope - thank you so much for your reply - it is exactly what I needed to hear. When I analyse my miscarriage I can see a few issues. First of all I was suffering severe OHSS as a result they took me off cyclogest 3 weeks before miscarriage as they believed my ovaries where active enough. However, I don't think you can take these things for granted with OHSS. Another thing was my diet - I have been trying to stick to a low GI diet however the day before and day of my miscarriage I had not stuck to this - I will stick to low GI for any further pregnancies with no exception. We didn't get metformin this time but we have been told we are getting it in the future. Based on your reply I will also ask about folic acid and aspirin. These are drugs that don't do any harm anyway so I don't think they have anything to lose by letting us have all these things.

Thank you so much for giving me hope - I just need to fall pregnant again - I hope it wasn't just luck this time. I am trying to lose weight and am not going back for more IVF until I have dropped 12lbs, making my BMI 27. My BMI was around 31 when I fell pregnant this time.

I wish you and your lovely family a lovely Christmas - your daughter will be at the perfect age to get all excited about santa - you must be so excited.

Amber - how are you? Have you been managing to get through your uni assignments? I studied a general psychology degree at university - I now teach psychology in schools - I love the subject. It must be so interesting to specialise in a specific area as you can really get your teeth into it. I am still only aware of all the classic studies - gets a bit old after so many years teaching it!!! I hope you manage to get a bit of a relax over the holidays. Thinking of you xxxx

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