how do you move on ?

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how do you move on ?

Postby Grimbal » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:07 am

Hi dear ladies, I'm hoping for a bit of advice about moving on from TTC.

my DP & I were TTC for a while, but have no officially stopped. However, although we've removed ourselves from the fertility clinic & written to our GP to say this, my heart doesn't seem to have quite caught up. I know intellectually that I'm not going to be a biological mother, so the logical next step would be to start the adoption process. We've sent the application form back & are waiting on a reply (been ages!) but I still find myself checking LH levels, CM, ov pain etc & still finding the 2WW quite tense.

Realistically, I know I'm not going to be a mum biologically & that to be a mum at all I have to get over this. My question is, how do you start to come to terms with it? Are there any coping strategies that you use, and hints or tips to get your heart to realise that TTC is over with and to now move on ?


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Postby hope07 » Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:27 pm

Hi Liz- Although we're TTC (starting iui next cycle) its something that I've thought about quite alot.
I've discussed with my OH when do we stop trying, and we've decided to go with the IUI and to give IVF max 3 tries then thats it-
I'm very definate in my own mind that after this point I want to stop, and I intend to go back on the pill- in order to take the agony out of the 2ww- because even if we're weren't TTC, but not using any contraception, I know I'd still be hoping for a BFP.
As for coming to terms with everything I honestly don't know the answer, I can only say that coming to terms with MC has taken time, and if I'm honest, time has helped numb the pain- but I think if/when our time comes to call it a day, I think they'll always be a tiny bit of me that feels a little bit sad-- sorry to ramble on, but its a really hard one-
Hope you hear about your adoption application soon- take care x
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