please help

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please help

Postby lady-t » Fri May 30, 2014 12:29 am

hi ladies I am slowly but surely going out of my mind and dont know what to do.

I have been off all contraception for 17 months now as myself and my hubby decided to start trying we knew I have been diagnosed with pcos and so knew it could take time we agreed that if nothing happened by march this year we would start getting doctors involved to ask for help. march has been and gone now and every time I try to talk to him about it he changes the subject. he has 2 children fron a previous relationship and im now starting to think he doesnt want children with me I want children more than anything i love his 2 but want my own. recently in an argument he started calling me horrible names as im still not pregnant I dont know if this is to do with the fact he doesnt want them with me although he says he does or because hes hurt its not happened yet but when I try to ask he either changes the subject or says we will sort it and puts it off for another date.

do I wait abit longer and keep trying to talk about it with him or do I just give up and be happy that im a step mum and have his 2 beaugiful babies In my life or do I go see a doctor without telling him and see what the doctors say??

I don't know what to do now all advise welcome please

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