grieving... again :(

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grieving... again :(

Postby jazzy » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:33 pm

Hi Ladies

havent been feeling too great emotionally lately got low grade (C) in my 2nd
coursework assessment on 16th Jan. The same day I found out another 2 of my college mates passed away (both in their 20's) :(. I am devastated :( both had muscle wasting conditions for which there is no cure - one had Duchenne Muscular Dystropy which my 6 year old cousin who I rarely get to see has. 2 of my friends have it too another has already passed away in 2007. The grief is eating me and I just wish there was a cure for DMD :roll: Its beyond time someone came up with one.

From now on I'm joining the fight against DMD and other muscle wasting conditions. For more info or to join with me please visit or Other websites are:

Also I am finding out about joining the Action Duchenne love run on Feb 11th at Mancheter Heaton Park and there is also one in London Finsbury Park and there is also one in Cardiff, Bute Park if anyone wants to join. It is close to valentines day so not sure if relationship status is required but am finding out!

many thanks for your support :) xxx
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