Lost? or nicked?

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Lost? or nicked?

Postby petsnponies » Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:41 am

Hi ladies,

not looking for advice in particular but just wanted to write things down...

My husband used to wear his grandad's ring, his mum gave it to him as he is the only one with big enough fingers to fit it on! He is the spit of his grandad, lost him when he was 11 and misses him lots. I think the only person in his family he has anything in common with at all.

Anyway, due to being 18 carat the ring was quite soft and wore away and broke a couple of years ago. Lee kept it safe as we always wanted to get it mended. Recently I asked him to find it for me as we plan to name our little boy after his grandad (the ring has the first letter of his name engraved on it) and I thought it was the perfect time to get it fixed.

Anyway, he cant find it :( he thinks its in a presentation box along with an 18 carat necklace and also an 18 carat bracelet. have searched the house top to bottom and its not here. I know he would have kept it safe.

Whats on my mind is we let alot of people live with us over the years (im sure you've read some of my many moans) one of which being his brother, who is a bad sort. utterly selfish with no morals whatsoever. and I cant stop thinking that he may have took it (probably to sell) I cant think how else it would have dissapeared.

obviously i cant accuse anyone and havent told hubbie what i think (though i have a feeling he thinks it too) but its on my mind.

Wish it would turn up :(
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Postby georgie76 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:04 pm

This must be so tormenting for you, how awful. Maybe you should talk to your OH and at least get it off your chest?

Really hope it turns up.
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