Lump in my breast

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Lump in my breast

Postby laura.m » Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:28 am

Hi everyone

I went to the doctors this morning to get a prescription, and I mentioned to the doctor that I felt a lump on the side of my left breast. She had a feel and could definitely feel it and said to come back in a little while to see if it changes during my cycle. When am I meant to go back!?!? I'm 23 years old, and I know I shouldn't be, but I'm a little bit worried about it. I have a horrible feeling that I'm going to be fobbed off, when really it should be checked out. It should be checked out properly shouldn't it? The lump doesn't move, it feels like it's quite deepish (if that makes sense) and it doesn't hurt. It did hurt a little bit when the doctor was prodding it though. Can anyone give any advice or anything at all?? Thanks guys xx
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Postby Squirrel » Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:16 am

I suspect that what your doctor was getting at is that breast tissue is naturally lumpy, and that lumpiness alters over the course of your cycle. So it would be worth monitoring this lump throughout your cycle to see if it changes in size, texture etc., and then going back to your doctor after one whole cycle (assuming you have a sensible cycle) to get it checked out further.

Try not to worry too much though. A close friend had a large lump that appeared when she was 22 and ended up having it removed, although it turned out to be absolutely nothing sinister at all.

Hope that helps!

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Postby Hols969 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:34 am

I think it also does depend on how regularly you check your boobs as well. If I check them throughout a cycle they change massively, some times really quite lumpy and can be tender. If it was a 'dodgy' type lump that may need further investigation then they often feel very hard like and pea sized.

I tend to check my boobs every few months at the same time so just after my AF has finished as it then should look and feel similar. If you check your boobs again in a week or two weeks they may have changed considerably.

I would say that your GP doesnt see it as a worry, especially if she had a prod as well, and that it is likely it is just to do with the stage of your cycle.
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Postby thebuzz » Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:57 am

I had a lump in my armpit/breast back in 2007. I was petrified. I went to the doc and was hoping to be told the same as you, just keep an eye on it, but I was referred to the breast clinic immediately. My GP indicated it could be down to the pcos and the hormone changes but wanted to get it checked anyway. I went to the clinic, had an ultrasound scan done and was told it was a gland. The specialist commented that I had very lumpy breasts and in a 'normal' woman he might be more concerned but because of the pcos and that that I had had a baby a few months earlier he put it down to that. He did say it is very common for women of my age (I was 25 at the time) to have very lumpy breasts so he wasn't concerned. The lump went away on it's own within a few months but every now and then it comes back, usually when I am run down or very tired.

Give it a couple of weeks, keep checking it and go back and the doc if it changes size or starts hurting etc.
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Postby laura.m » Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:29 pm

Thank you squirrel, Holly and thebuzz, I feel much better now. The lump has been there for months, just haven't been to see about it until now. It's much bigger than a pea, a bit smaller than a plum maybe. She did say breasts are normally lumpy, but she said it feels like a hard mass. I'm sure it's nothing, thanks for the advice xx
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Postby Sammi » Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:39 pm

Laura it probably is nothing!

But don't let them fob you off! My mum had a mastectomy and her lymph nodes removed at 32 because of breast cancer. She was only a 34A bra size and the tumour was a size of an advocado that they removed - there was no obvious size difference whilst it was inside her breast!! She thought she could feel a knobbly grape. I felt her lump too and it felt like the size of a grape but like the surface of cauliflower. Turned out it was much bigger. So what you feel is only an indication.

Your doctor is right that at 23 your are very young. However, I am also 23 and if I (or my sister) went to my doctor with a lump we would be taken much more seriously. At 23 it's unlikely to be something sinister, but not impossible. I know I have have a family history, but the family history has to start somewhere (no one else in my family has had any type of cancer apart from my Mum). I have also met lots of other ladies through Mum's support group, one who found her first lump at 21, she had a mastectomy. She found her second lump in her other breast at 23, and had a mastectomy and lots of chemo. She had no family history either, doesn't smoke or drink nor was she overweight. She was just unlucky.

Anyway, I'm not trying to scare you, but make sure you are heard if the lump doesn't change or disappear over the next month. Because if it IS cancer, then the sooner treatment is started the better. Good luck!
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Postby sammykins » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:20 pm

Hi Laura,

I had a lump in each of my breasts a few years ago. Like yours, mine were quite large and I was massively worried about it.

I was 23 at the time, and had had those lumps for ages. I went to the GP and they immediately referred me to the breast clinic at my local hospital.
The did a scan, and then they did a fine needle aspiration (which is basically them inserting a very long needle inside the lump and extracting some cells to be able to examine them and determine whether it is malignant or benign).

It turned out that mine were "fibroadenomas", which are bening lumps. The staff at the hospital also referred to them as "breast mice", as the lumps would move around when touched!
The one in my left breast was 8cm in diameter, and the one in my right was about 5cm. At the time, the PCT I was under told me they wouldn't remove them as they were below the size they operate on.

However, when I move to London, I had a follow-up appt, and the hospital here told me they would remove them as they were both beyond 5cm in diameter.
So I had the op 5 years ago, under general anaesthetic, and it all went well. They did a proper biopsy after the op and confirmed they were fibroadenomas, and that the matter was now over.

So I would definitely monitor your breasts over your cycle, and go back to see your doctor. You are young and there is no reason for it to be anything sinister, but I understand you might be scared, as I was too.

Good luck and keep us updated.



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Postby laura.m » Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:49 pm

Aaw thanks guys, I feel so much better now. I've been thinking about it all day in work, I'm such a worrier! My partner has also had a feel (of course) and he can definitely feel it there. I can't feel anything on the other one, so I don't know if it's just what my boobs are like or not. I definitely want to go back and say I want it checked properly because I don't want to wait. Seeing as it has been there for months (or even longer as I might just not have noticed it) do you think it's too soon for me to go back next week? I'm not a hypochondriac but I don't want to wait.x
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Postby noodles1609 » Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:12 pm


I had a lump for a long time, I used to check it at different times to see if it was bigger or smaller - it didn't change, but I was scared to death. We had a womens health screening day at work where they brought in silicone breasts with lumps in so we could see what they really felt like, to my horror they felt exactly the same as mine, and I told someone about my lump for the first time.

My doc referred me straight away, and I was in for a mammogram and ultrasound within 3 days. The consultant I saw was lovely, explained that he often saw this type of lump in pcos ladies, and whilst they didn't present like cysts, they were cysts and were totally harmless, but I had done absolutely the right thing by getting checked out.

I'm now about 7 years down the line since then, still have my little rock hard pea, still not changed, think it'll be part of me forever. It's totally right to get it checked out, you'll only worry for ages if you don't, but it's very unlikely to be anything horrible. Something that helped me out too, nasty lumps are rare, but even rarer are nasty bumps at the side of your breast, but they are a good location for developing cysts.

Nicola x
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Postby laura.m » Tue Nov 29, 2011 8:36 pm

Thank you noodles1609, that's very reassuring. This pcos is a hell of a thing, it's the reason for a lot of things happening with our bodies. Mine isn't like a pea, it's a lot bigger, but I'm thinking that that's a good thing. Thank you for sharing your experience xx
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