Iphone queries

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Iphone queries

Postby Hols969 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:35 am

Now, even tho I work on a support desk, I am a bit of a divvy when it comes to technology I have to say. Im thinking about buying my OH an iphone for xmas to try and get us up to date and also so that my son can do things on it perhaps.

I dont really know where to start or the size GB wise or anything. I think basically what we would like to do is obviously make phone calls but to do internet stuff as well and Noah to do things on there as well while sitting on the sofa. I had thought about getting my OH a kindle but it looks as if the iphone has a kindle option as well.

Any help really would be gratefully received as Im confused by it all to be honest and want something that is good enough to do all we need it to do.

Thanks ladies.
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Postby Sammi » Tue Nov 15, 2011 11:30 am

The kindle on the iPhone isnt that easy to use (or read) as you have to keep scrolling across and zooming in as the text is too small.

I love my iPhone and wouldn't be without it. However, for the needs you are describing: kindle, Noah and you and Jim using it for internet etc, I would suggest the iPad. It would be much more user friendly for posting on Verity, playing games, browsing the internet and reading text.

The iPhone does all the above, but it's size does make it a faff to do lots of reading and typing. It's probably worthwhile going into an Apple store and playing on them. Take Noah! And ask the sales assistant to load the kindle app and the internet on both the iPhone and iPad and see which you can see yourselves using more.
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Postby Lamb » Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:01 pm

hey Holly,

You've found the right person here hopefully, I was working for a video games publisher until a few months ago and we made content for iPhone's, iPad's - all Smartphone's / tablets basically :)

First thing to consider - do you really want the phone part combined?

If so, then an iPhone is going to cover all bases - you'll get a phone plus all the bells and whistles such as mobile internet, games and applications (apps) and a fairly decent camera (with a neat little video camera option) too. Ideally, you have a computer (PC or Mac) at home, and you will use this to set up an iTunes account. This means you purchase all of your content (apps, games, iBooks, films/tv etc.) all from the iTunes store directly, and not from your mobile provider (Vodafone etc). There are plenty of apps/games/ibooks which are suitable for children too, so I'm sure Noah will love it. If you are going for an iPhone, then I would consider just getting an 8gb capacity one, and so if you go over that space with apps, games, iBooks, music etc you just store it on your computer and swap back / forth as and when you want/need to. The best pay monthly deal is on Tesco (2 year contract for £25 a month) - unless you buy one outright (pricey) and then get a cheaper contract/PAYG deal somewhere else, where you're not tied in for 2 years.

However! The iPad 2, is truly amazing, but this is not a mobile phone (although you could make calls from it using Skype and so on) and needs to go in your bag, not pocket as it's quite a bit bigger. You can have it connected to 3G and WiFi (or just WiFi; incidentally 3G just means your iPad will have internet connection available when you are out of WiFi range, but you pay a monthly fee for access) - if you choose to include 3G, you'll pay a monthly subscription to a mobile provider for a 'data' package (like a standard mobile pay monthly, but cheaper as not for calls/text, just data). The iPad has a lot of content available, like the iPhone, in fact as they are both Apple and both using the iTunes Store, then there is a lot of crossover in what's available - the difference is the screen size, and most content has been optimised for iPad (so it looks better on a bigger screen). Apart from that, the iPad comes with either 16, 32 or 64 gb of space, and you should consider that video/TV content is quite large - but the point is that you should be 'storing' (and backing up) this content either on your home computer (and so you swap it on/off the machine when you want to view/use it) or else storing it 'online' via Apple's new fancy iCloud system (have a look on the Apple UK website for more into on how that works). iPad's are really, REALLY nice, if you get one, you will love it, your husband will probably be smitten for months and months and so will Noah, they are very addictive. Personally, I used to borrow the work one and use it for watching TV/Films and browsing the net in bed - much more comfy and light that a laptop! The drawback is the cost.. They don't come cheap.

Another option is the Kindle Fire, which is due to be released in the UK sometime before Xmas I think (it's just come out in the USA). This is similar to an iPad, but apparently it will be sold at a much more reasonable price tag. It's ONLY got WiFi though, so no 3G connection (like the iPad has the option of). So far the reviews have been really promising. It's sold under the Amazon umbrella, so you have a Kindle Store (like iTunes) but provided by Amazon, so this will give you access to millions of books, plus video/TV and I know a few of the bigger games publishers are already making games and apps for it. I can't give more info though, as I've not had a go on one yet.

Please just ask me if you need any more info or have questions though, I love all this stuff :D

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Postby Kasha » Tue Nov 15, 2011 5:16 pm

I've got an ipad and i love it. Wouldn't be without it. I dont currently have an internet phone tho i am cpnsidering it, just for facebook and stuff really! But it wont be an iphone, it will be an android.
My hubby has an android (cant remember which one now!) and he loves it. It has kindle (which isnt bad to read, possibly because its not the iphone version?) and loads of other apps too.
Unless you desperately want to combine phone and tablet then i would definitely agree with lamb. Get an ipad! Caoimhe can use it btw, there are loads of apps suitable for wee kids.

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Postby bloomy » Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:55 pm

Dylan (2 years 10 months) is always on the ipad, he has just as many apps as DH and I and most of them free too. We could never imagine life without the ipad2 since it was born back in may. I only got my iphone a month or so ago and love it but Im quite protective of it and so far I've managed to keep it away from Dylan. I'm on it now but only because DH is on the ipad, if we're at home I would generally use the ipad as its larger so easier to see and especially easier/faster to type.

My friend has bought her 2 year old a second hand itouch for £50 to keep him from playing with her phone. You get all the apps, camera, photo and music storage etc but without the phone bit and no monthly cost because its wifi only.
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Postby Hols969 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:26 am

Well Ive gone for the kindle for now and bought Noah a DS - I think we will go for the ipad tho (bit pricey at the mo so cant quite stretch to it).

Thanks so much for your advice ladies, I really appreciate it as I get rather confused with all the technology out there (and then get bored as I cant work it out/decide!! oh and then get cross ....!!)
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Postby Constance » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:24 pm

Thank for your post Lamb - very informative. :D Is it likely that I'll get through my allowed downloading limit (for broadband) very quickly while watching tv on the internet? I have a pc and an Ipad and never tried that because I don't want to get into trouble...
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