Need a rant?

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Need a rant?

Postby petsnponies » Mon Nov 14, 2011 3:16 pm

Thought I'd start a thread for anyone who just fancies letting off some steam :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

I'll go first :lol:

Well, long story short we lent me hubby's family over a thousand pounds a couple of years ago to help get them out of the mess they had gotten themselves into.

yes, this was a stupid idea, we were in no way financially stable enough to lend that kind of money (especially seen as I had already put down a heafty deposit on our wedding before we did it and couldn't cancel or I would have lost it).

That was 26 months ago, and as of yet we hardly have had any of it paid back. I know it would be possible for them to pay us back - if they were to go without their beef dinners every sunday and buying supermarket brands instead on insisting on the most expensive stuff, but they refuse to stoop that low. So Im still waiting.

Anyway, I have tried to forget all about it and concentrate on getting us out of debt by ourselves, which we are very slowly, but surely doing. Also Im pregnant and the stress plays havoc with my diabetes so I just try to put it all to the back of my mind for the babys sake.

Anyway, today, MIL has asked hubby for some money (only a tenner - but its the principle) and he's given it to her!!!! I mean FFS we are only £1500 in debt and on a very low wage what the hell does he think he's doing?!!!???

Apart from anything it make it look like we are ok for money when we really really arent and so they will be in even less of a hurry to pay us back.

Told him how I felt and now we are both in a mood with each other - great - so much for not stressing.

Generally p*ssed off :x The only thing that ever makes me and hubby argue is the Fecking inlaws. TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE thats all they do and they'll never change.

And why is it I always end up feeling like a bad person?
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Postby Sammi » Mon Nov 14, 2011 4:25 pm

You are most definitely not in the wrong. You really really REALLY need to get hubby on board 100%. NO MONEY LENDING even if it is only a tenner. It all adds up. Next time, make sure he replies 'I think we've lent you enough already, don't you?'

Grrrrr I would be so angry in your position. Especially as that money could buy so much baby stuff or allow extra maternity leave etc.

My step-dad earns a good salary. His brother has always been between jobs. Once, when he knew my parents were away, he took the spare house keys from my step-grandparents (his parents) house, went inside my parents house and took my step-dads passport and a few utility bills. He then took out a loan in Step-dads name for £10,000! He then returned the passport and documents and pocketed the money. I don't know if he thought not making repayments would make the loan dissappear?! But a few months later my step-dad was contacted again and again by the bank. With a bit of investigation they found out the date the loan was taken out, and luckily my step-dad could prove he was out of the country at that time. He is a very decent (I would say too decent) bloke and did not press charges against his brother. Although I wouldn't blame him if he had!

The brothers don't speak any more, but what makes it infruriating is that my step-granparents still think of the bad brother as the apple of their eye, and somehow still blame my step-dad for the whole thing?! Go figure that one out!

Family's can be great. They can also be awful!
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Postby youlemming » Sat Nov 19, 2011 12:13 am

Not in the same league as the above but needed to vent.

OH out tonight for meal with friend who he is going to be usher for next year to sort out some wedding stuff, this I am fine with, made sure he remembered where he needed to meet him and when (he is useless at dates and times!).
What has really pee'd me off today it that up until 30 min ago (11.30 pm) I had not heard from him since lunch time when I called to make sure he was leaving work on time to get home and changed to be there at 6pm.

Tried calling when I left work at 4.30 but he must have been on tube so no signal, then again at 6.30 as Amelia was asking for him to say good night, usually use my mobile but have had no signal since I got home so used home phone, it rang but he didn't pick up.
Thought the fact that he would see missed call he would call back and the fact i had used home phone he would call back on that.
NO after speaking with him 30 min ago after I called again with no answer so he had to ring back he said "I have tried to call you a number of times but you where always on the phone as I got engaged message).
Arrrggghhh if he had tried that many times it should have clicked something was up with mobile as I'm never on the phone that often.

If it was me out wihtout getting in contact over that time I would have had loads of missed calls not just the 2 he had from me!
And I would have thought something may be up with the mobile signal and called the home phone!

Who knows what time he is going to be back as the last train leaves at 12.13, the next one would be the first of the day at 3 something!
And he was only just finishing the meal when he called me completly oblivious of the fact it was 11.30pm!

God forbid I had actually needed to get in contact with him for something important.

Now waiting for the call he was going to give me straight back (now 40 min ago) to let me know what he was doing travel wise :evil:
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Postby Verve » Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:26 pm

My advice would be to tell them you're going without things for the baby because you haven't got the money and it may shame them into paying it back. Family can be very ungrateful ( from my own experience) and a take take take attitude has to be nipped in the bud. I can feel your frustration xxxx
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