Arghhhhh! Break up.

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Arghhhhh! Break up.

Postby Swan_Song » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:55 am

Hey everyone. I'm sorry for this upcoming rant, but I really need to vent!.
So me and my now ex-boyfriend were together for a couple of years.
Everything was amazing, at first. We would spend all day in bed, just talking and laughing, he was so affectionate, made me feel special, honestly was just the sweetest, nicest guy I've ever met.
Lately we'd been getting on eachother's nerves. Arguing etc.. we've had stressed because neither of us are working at the moment (redundancy.) Little things he did started to annoy me, and we've just been at eachother's throats. I will say that he does have a habit of turning the blame on to me, and other people who have seen us argue have said to me ''That's disgusting, how can you let him treat you like that?''.
I was in an abusive relationship very young, which lasted 3 years, and since then my self esteem is in tatters, especially with this bloody PCOS condition.
My ex was so amazing about it; he made me feel beautiful, loved and on top of the world. I know I'm putting him on a pedestal but I love him so much it hurts. He broke up with me a couple of days ago, saying things just weren't working, and I can't sleep, eat and I feel numb and sick.
I'm finding myself staring at my phone, Facebook every five minutes in hope he's got in touch, which he hasn't. He dropped my belongings off when he knew I was out so I guess I won't see him again.
Sounds silly but I don't think I'll ever get someone like him. He ticked all my boxes (including being very tall, haha) and I just don't know what to do. I feel like crawling up into a ball and not moving, lol.
Anyone have any good tips on how to move on? Or any positive break up stories?
Thank you girls, and sorry again for the rant!!
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Postby Constance » Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:57 pm

I'm really sorry your are heartbroken at the momoment . (((((Swan_Song))))). But the fact that he treats you well does not mean you are well suited for each other - if you cannot cope with trouble, you will not survive other stressful situations in your life - like having children, etc. I know it's the last thing you want to hear, but perhaps next time you'll find someone who will treat you well and be your best friend as well (to support each other while there is trouble).

I found one myself after a few relationships... so it is possible.

Good luck!

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