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Private messages stuck in 'Outbox' and won't send...?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:20 am
by blou1
Can anyone help me sort this out pls? I've sent messages before and v recently with no problems but these two are stuck. What am I doing wrong? Thx.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:19 am
by zanussi
I've just noticed that the same thing has happened to a message I sent a few weeks ago. My thinking is that perhaps the person I'm sending it to has got a full inbox and that's why it won't go through. Could be wrong though...

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:25 am
by Hols969
Ive sent you a message Blou, let me know if you get it.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:52 am
by blou1
Hi Holly

Thanks. Your message reached my inbox and I just tried to reply but my reply is sitting in my Outbox, not Sent items, with the other two messages I've tried to send.

Any ideas?



PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:09 am
by Hols969
This one was sitting in the Outbox as well and not sent so I think it is working but just not moving it to the sent box in error. Will mention it to Rachel as she does all the web stuff. I have pms there from months ago actually!!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:10 am
by blou1
Thanks Holly!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:44 pm
by sicily
Blou did you get my PM from yesterday? x