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Halloween Party

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:00 pm
by TryingAgain

DD is 3 at the end of October and we are having a Halloween Fancy Dress party at my house. Actually I am getting a bit carried away, I have bought a gazebo with sides and some disco lights and I am doing a kids halloween disco on my patio (its weatherproof with a roof and sides!)

I wonder if anybody can recommend a website where I can download a free halloween invitation and print it off? I have had a quick google but can't find anything.

Also, has anybody got any suggestions for themed party games. Going to do the usual pass the parcel, bought a halloween party and bought some cool plastic critters ffrom the poundshop (God I LOVE the poundshop :D ) to go in with the sweeties, though we could do apple bobbing?
any more ideas? x x x

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:13 pm
by Squirrel
How about feely boxes? You blindfold the kids and get them to stick their hand in and guess what it is. You could have tinned lychees for eyeballs, tinned spaghetti for guts, candyfloss for spiders webs, etc...

And apple bobbing always goes down well - I was really surprised when Megan dived straight in at just 3 last year :-)

And face painting always goes down well with little ones...

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:10 pm
by Kasha
Do your own invitations, just use halloween pics from the net to decorate it.
Don't forget hallowe'en themed food. Have a look at the supermarket freebie mags thye do cos they will have some in.

What about pin the broomstick on the witch? You could also let the children dip their hands in a swamp for prizes... Use green jelly for the swamp and put in all kinds of halloweeny type items, spiders, eyeballs etc, maybe even reward someone who finds a certain item?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:12 pm
by Northfifer
Have a look at for invitations, you can select the card you want and can personalise them and print them out for free.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:12 pm
by Adele
I can't believe Halloween is so close. I need to start thinking about what my kids are going to be! The quest begins...

PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:37 pm
by TryingAgain
I have got some wicked decorations from 99p and £1 shops!

Hanging bats for the gazebo disco, window stickers, spider webs, pumpkin lanterns, lots of lollies and hanging decorations.

I am stuck now for pass the parcel and party bag fillers, apart from sweets what can i put in them that isn't going to be too expensive as I have around 15 kids coming? Did buy from poundland a massive bag of plastic creepy crawlies spiders etc but what else do you think for party bags? x x

PostPosted: Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:22 pm
by Adele
It sounds like you are well on your way to being prepared! I'll think of filler ideas and let you know if I come up with any.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:48 pm
by marineomania

Just a thought but you could always put fun little written kind of commands (not really the right word) in each layer like 'jump up and down 5 times' or 'pull a scary face'.

I remember when we did things like that in end of year GCSE Latin class parties (yes i did Latin for GCSE) and it always went down well, but ofc was a bit more complicated for us lol

Hope that helps :)

PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:05 pm
by TryingAgain
How expensive is it to hire costumes?!!?

DD has had a Jessia from Toy Story outfit so DH wants to dress up as Woody, its either £50 to but the stuff or £30 to hire! Need a little win 8) x