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Postby jazzy » Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:08 pm

Hi, thanks for all your interesting replies ladies. I am considering writing to my local MP about baby/child piercing when I move up to Derby University, as I feel incredibly strongly about it. Like a lot of you I think there should be a significant increase in the minimum age for children to get their ears etc pierced, particularly to stop parents just doing it because they think it looks nice. I think for traditions it is different, but even so there should at least be a minimum age. Also, as many of you have said, children should be old enough and mature enough to understand what they are doing and weigh up the benefits and risks for themselves, even if they still get parental permission.

I don't think any parent should be allowed to give permission for a non essential and invasive procedure on their child, unless the child has enough knowledge and understanding of what is happening to them.

As I am considering writing to my local MP, if I do, would it be ok if I anonymously included this discussion as evidence for my case for requesting parliamentary discussion on the topic. I realise that I might have to email Verity Trustees about it in order to get permission etc, but could someone let me know about this please.

Thank you
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Postby TryingAgain » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:28 am

This is interesting as we have been having this debate in my household over the last couple of weeks.

DD is nearly 3 and she wants her ears peirced, I took my neice to have hers done when she was about 5 and she did love them and thought they looked cute.

I am in two minds about it, she wants them done and I think little studs with stones do look nice, but on the other hand they could go bad and hurt and I don't want her to go through any pain.

DH had a new tattoo the other week and we were in the waiting room talking to the woman and she was showing DD the earings and she was so exicted she really wanted it done and DH said yes for the first time ever, but then I changed my mind so she still doesdn't have them done!

Maybe when she is a bit older and she can understand that it is going to hurt.

I hate it when I see tiny babies with them in their ears, but I think when they are old enough to understand that it is going to hurt they can have them done. Worse case scenario they just take them out? :?

Thats just my opinion x x
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Postby ralphswurld » Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:48 am

DawnyB wrote:I love piercing myself - and had about 30+ piercings for a while (down to 18 just now) but would never pierce a child's ears until they are old enough to care for them and understand it. - I didn't get my ears done until I was 9, and had begged for a year - I had no bother, but my wee sister was allowed hers done at 7, and had so many problems that she took them out and never bothered again.

I like the look of piercings in adults (my darling OH has his ear pierced) but think they look wrong in children. Children are beautiful and just perfect without any adornments.

My sister never had her daughters pierced. When I asked her about it, she said, it wasn’t something her daughter s want or needed for now. It looks really cute on kids but she wanted her daughters decide if they wanted to get one when they’re older. Like she can’t say no to them, she has 4 holes in each of her ears.
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Postby Adele » Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:17 pm

shinycat wrote:Years and years ago I worked at Claire's and had a certificate in ear-piercing (!). I seem to recall the only criteria was the baby had to have had all their jabs. One time a lady came in with a baby about 6 months old. I was really nervous as had never pierced a young child before. The mother said to me before I started "what is your opinion on piercing babies ears?" and I told her that although I was happy to do it as an employee of Claire's, I personally disagreed with it and felt it should be left until the child is old enough to decide for themselves, when they can understand the pain involved. She thought about it for a minute, then said "thanks for being honest" and took her baby away! I felt quite proud, however decided not to tell my boss!

I think that's great. It's hard to decide between your own morals and what your job calls for. That's I no longer work in the same industry as I used to. Good for you!
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Postby Tulip » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:05 pm

I disagree with it. It's purely for the parent-not the child, what's a baby supposed to gain from a hole in it's ear?! Babies are beautiful enough, they don't need a sparkly jewel in their ear. I remember a few years ago, being on a bus and seeing (no lie) a 8 or 9 month old baby sat in her buggy with inch long gold hoops in her ears. Who I'm assuming was her mother was very young and gobby (not to stereotype.) but a lot of people on the bus looked horrified. Not only is it cruel and purely for the parent's vanity, it's so so dangerous. If that baby pulls her ear she'd either rib a hole in her lobe or worse. Disgusting, not atall cute.
Child piercing is a little more acceptable. I think that as long as the child is old enough to ask for an ear piercing, has heard and understood all the risks and isn't just doing it because their mates are, no harm. I wouldn't let my child have their ear pierced until they were in high school, but I asked for it when I was 5 and was allowed it done.
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Postby Hols969 » Fri Nov 18, 2011 12:41 pm

Noah is 5 and he wants his done and Ive told him not until he is 18. I dont really like little ones pierced and boys even less. He also wants a tattoo (his auntie and her bf have some) and again, its not till he is 18.

Funnily enough we were shocked by one parent the other week at a party that said she wouldnt send her child to the school Noah is at as the children, inc boys have earings, which I thought was a bit snobby!! and what made me laugh is Noah has no children in his class with earnings but her son is best friends with one that went to her school and has an earing ... shouldnt laugh but I did!!

I wasnt allowed till I was 16 but managed to persuade my dad when I was 15 (my mum was livid!!) I would have liked them done a lot younger though but my parents wouldnt allow it.
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Postby Sazzle » Fri Nov 18, 2011 1:49 pm

I love piercings and tattoos and I had my ears pierced at 5 years old because I asked for them done It didn't hurt and i had no problems with them but I think it is wrong to pierce a childs ears unless they are able to ask the piercer for them done by themselves and have both parents permission. xxx
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Postby Doobykat » Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:57 pm

I'm another one who doesn't like to see babies/really young children with pierced ears, mainly because the child isn't old enough to ask for it to be done or understand what's happening when the (painful) piercing takes place :(
I'm not a big fan of jewellery on babies full stop, tbh :? I always think it looks a bit tacky (chavvy :oops: ) although Erin does wear an amber teething necklace, which I don't think looks toooo bad.

If you do a search on YouTube, there are a lots of clips of tiny babies getting their ears pierced & honestly, it made me feel awful seeing the reactions of the babies :cry:
I'm another one whose parents made her wait to have her ears pierced. Just about all of my friends had theirs pierced by the age of 10-11... but I had to wait till I was 13 to get mine done, much to my impatience :lol: so maybe that has something to do with my general outlook on piercing?
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