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Postby jag81 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:01 pm

I found out I have PCOS a while ago. I thankfully conceived my son with the help of clomid. It worked eventually. Now 5 years later I am finding it really hard to conceive. I have put on weight because I am loosing hope. I really want another baby... just as much as I wanted my son.
I have heard and read a fair bit on ovasital.... any help? Please if you have taken it whatever the outcome I'd love to know before I buy. I am on metformin 1500g. It worked great to start with have my first two cycles on time. My last two cycles have been 100 days apart. I really need help and guidance but don't know who to ask. Doctors aren't much help either. I am starting to eat "clean" and do some exercise now.

Thank you
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