Spotting after intercourse worried, advice please. Tmi sorry

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Spotting after intercourse worried, advice please. Tmi sorry

Postby 4myy-x » Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:43 pm

Hi ladies I know this is a tmi topic but would really appreciate any advice, last night me (12wks) and partner had intercourse and after I had some fresh red blood spotting not had this before only straight after intercourse, so am thinking that could be the cause as not had any spotting this morin only the tiniest spot when I wipe but I am feeling sore, but it still worried me as I have seen fresh blood. Has anyone else experienced this and everything has been fine? Think just a worrier. Spoke to epu and they said it is common but depending on my blood type I may have to have an injection this happened to anyone before? I don't want to think the worse but I can't help worry xx
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Re: Spotting after intercourse worried, advice please. Tmi s

Postby *~*PINKPIXIE*~* » Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:31 pm

I think it's because the cervix is more sensitive due to pregnancy hormones so more likely to bleed.

Have you arranged an appointment with the EPU? Have you had your scan or is it imminent? I imagine you need some reassurance!

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