Potty training

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Potty training

Postby becca » Sun May 17, 2015 11:46 am

Hi, I'm after some advice please.

My son turned 3 at the beginning of May. We had had 4 un successful attempts at potty training since Christmas, he understands what the potty is for and he will get stickers if he uses it but just can't hold his wee and goes in his pants or pull ups and doesn't seem to realise it until I tell him he is all wet.

The arrival of my second baby is imminent, I am 2 days over due now. Definitely not the right time to be potty training, but no, my husband is insistent that we train him now and while he is on his paternity leave!!! Finlay has been in pants all morning, he is weeing every 15 minutes, we have had 5 changes of pants in the last 2 hours and he has used the potty 4 times. I think he is still not ready as he obviously has no bladder control, he doesn't realise he has done a wee and I think the ones on the potty are coincidence or because he thinks if he squeezes something out he will get a sticker and chocolate! My husband and I are having so many arguments over potty training at the moment. He said I am being a bad mother for not pushing Finlay to do it and I have been especially bad letting him get to 3 without training him, but he is constantly on at Finlay because he has wet his pants. He just thinks Finlay is lazy and distracted.

It also doesn't help that whenever I go and see my grandma she won't shut up about him not being trained!

Does anyone have any advice on training? I haven't seen a health visitor since before Christmas but I might ask when on comes to see the new baby.

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Re: Potty training

Postby miracle19 » Tue May 19, 2015 5:16 pm

Ok you are probably right that with a new baby it might not be the best time in my opinion as even hubby isn't going to have the time/attention to focus on the port training, but there is also the opinion that once started maybe it is best to continue.
I don't think they necessarily do know about bladder control initially it comes with practise. If hubby can put him on the potty at regular intervals and then just praise him loads when he actually gets the wee in the potty. The thing not to do is criticise him when he gets it wrong which I am sure you are not doing. Also I don't believe he would have got the hang of it any quicker had you done it earlier.
I would advise to just buy lots of cheap pants and hubby should take him often to the toilet, with books etc. also whenever I went to the loo I used to take my daughter and potty in with me - I know that sounds strange but I thought she would see me going etc. and washing hands and so on.
Deifnitely ask HV advise - although some of the HV our way wouold prob just say ummm it is up to you lol!
Here to chat if you need any advice...
oh one last thing. Invest in a plastic mat/tablecloth thing for under the potty in whatever room you are in initially,... she used to almost make it. ;-)
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Re: Potty training

Postby espoir » Tue Jun 09, 2015 7:31 pm

My DS was over 3 when we started as we wanted to wait til we had a few days in a row at home to do it. He was definitely ready (and we probably could have tried earlier) but it did take 3 days for him to get it (1st day not too bad, second a disaster, and 3rd better), but it then took nearly another YEAR for him to do no 2 on the toilet. I think they train when they are ready - you can encourage them and show them, but ultimately it's them that will decide. Is your DS able to open, and pull up and down his pants? We did our training over 6 months or so, with underwear being worn over nappies at first, and the potty out and just encouraging him to sit (but finally DS preferred to use the toilet). If your DH is insisting, then let him have a go at the training and do as Miracle suggests with putting him on the potty frequently. Something may just click. Lots of accidents can happen the first days, but it does get better. We also had MIL insisting that we do it, but I think you know when they are ready, so you're instincts may be right - you know your child best and what will work for him. It is very, very hard not to get frustrated when they are peeing everywhere and just minutes after they were sitting on the potty, but it's important to remain calm and just go oh well, next time...
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