Ectopic or cyst on ovary?

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Ectopic or cyst on ovary?

Postby princessvix » Tue Apr 07, 2015 7:18 pm

Hi all. bit of a long story but please read...
I was diagnosed with pcos in january.
My lmp was 19/2
I had 3 bfns on 18/3, 20/3 & 22/3
I was prescribed clomid on 24/3
I spotted on 27/3 and a light bleed on 28/3 which I thought was my period so I started my clomid.
I didn't bleed after 28/3 but I took 4 of the 5 clomid tablets.
On 1/4 after feeling funny I took a CB hpt and got a bfp!
I got 2 more bfps on 2/4 and a 2-3 wks on a CB digi on 3/4.
Over the phone my GP said she was worried about the bleed on 28/3 so set up an early scan for today.
The scan showed a sac in my uterus but smaller than 6 weeks and nothing else visible. It did show "something" on my ovary tho.
My hcg is 5000 and the nurse says she thinks it's an ectopic. I have to go back Thursday for more bloods..
I am not in any pain and although I have a creamy/pinky/beige discharge (tmi) I've not bled other than that once..
I did have an IB with my DS..
What do you think? I might be in denial but I think it's just too early to see a heartbeat and the "thing" on my ovary is a cyst from the clomid or pcos. Has anyone heard of this?
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Re: Ectopic or cyst on ovary?

Postby cait1001 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:07 pm


I thought I would tell you of my experience with a suspected ectopic as I always want to hear of others experiences.

We were trying but hadn't put much effort (!) in the month ( oct) of conception so didn't expect to get a bfp and didn't test, so when af showed up bang on date (28 day cycle) and totally normal I was not shocked or upset. The cycle (nov) proceeded as normal, the oh was working abroad whole month so no bd done. when my next period was due (dec) I got sharp stabbing pains over the site of my left ovary. I started spotting and thought af was here. I continued spotting for about 5 days odd pain and kept thinking oh this is a weird af. On a Saturday I was out with a friend and the pain got really bad and I had to stop the car. My friend said it sounds like her friends ectopic pain but I said I can't be pregnant! On the Sunday (warning tmi coming up) I passed some tissue which was exactly shaped like the lining of uterus. Monday morn phoned docs and he asked me to go in and take a test. To my complete shock it was positive! Next day I had a scan the woman scanner said she could see a mass nr my left ovary and the was free fluid in my abdomen, womb completely empty as I expected it to be.

Had bloods was 1700, the doc said oh it's not ectopic you can get these 'things' on your ovary when pregnant and free fluid in your abdomen and that I could go home it was fine. Tbh with you I didn't feel confident in his diagnosis. I think you know your own body. Anyway to cut I long story short I ended up going back to hospital couple of days later as the pain was back and more bleeding. The doc I saw then said it was ectopic but my body was dealing with it. I had to go in every other day to check my levels were falling consistently which they did.

It's positive that they saw a sac and as the first doc said to me you can get these masses on your ovaries when pregnant.

Fingers crossed for you

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Re: Ectopic or cyst on ovary?

Postby princessvix » Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:03 pm

Thanks, it helps. I had to go back today and my hcg levels are up to 7000. There is no free fluid which is good.
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Re: Ectopic or cyst on ovary?

Postby shoegalclaire » Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:33 pm

Hi Princess, I remember you from the Clomid thread, had no idea you got your BFP, congrats!

I'm sorry you've been through a bit of time though - if the sac is smaller than 6 weeks then it may be early days. Having had IVF they usually scan you around 6-7 weeks to see if they can see a sac. I was scanned at 6+3 and they did detect a heartbeat, however perhaps you are out with your dates? Your spotting and bleed at the end of March may have been implantation bleeding and therefore you'd be really early. Perhaps you can have another early scan? Are they going to do that? Everything crossed for you xx
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