Help: TTC for number two and what to do!

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Help: TTC for number two and what to do!

Postby Scottishmumma » Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:14 am

Hi ladies,

I'm hoping you can help...when trying to conceive my son I had no periods for over 18 months after coming off the pill which I had been on for 12 years. Had all the tests hubby fine, me PCOS but don't have many of the symptoms. We tried lots of clomid cycles all the way up to 150mg ( no response) combined with metformin 1500mg still nothing, and still no period. Then we tried ovarian drilling had a few bleeds but nothing consistent, so we were referred to a fertility clinic who suggested IVF and we were very lucky for it to work 1st time and now have a gorgeous 16 month old son.

Since I stopped breast feeding I now have a cycle of around 34 days which I didn't expect at all since my non existent periods. And have been thinking whether to try and few cycles of clomid as I have some left over from last time. But as I had no response last time is it worth it, and has anyone been in this situation before and has a good or bad story to tell? I have been doing ovulation tests and get a positive some months but then my period comes 7 days later which is way too soon. My doctor won't help at all and doesn't believe in luteal phase defects!

We would love it to happen without having to go down the IVF route, not to mention the expense!

Thanks xx
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Re: Help: TTC for number two and what to do!

Postby hope07 » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:13 am

Hi- if you're having a cycle every 34 I'd be tempted to get some cheap opk and try a few months naturally to see what happens.
We had ivf with ds on our first try dd came along naturally. First month not on the pill and not really trying- very much a welcome surprise / shock!

Good luck x
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Re: Help: TTC for number two and what to do!

Postby becca » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:28 pm

Vitamin b6 is meant to help lengthen a short luteal phase. You take it after ovulating until af or conception. I used to wen I was trying for my son. I took soya isoflavins to make me ovulate, I tracked basal body temp to work out when I had ovulated and then took b6 until af or my bfp. I don't have a particularly short luteal phase, mine is 11 days usually and the b6 only added one day but i only took it a few cycles before my bfp and I would say its worth a try. I also took evening primrose up to ovulation too.
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