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Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:22 pm
by Fitch
re the thanks for setting up board, im just grateful that you have all joined and we can enjoy this wonderful journey together, so thank you!!

welcome ellie and congratulations! :-)

splodge - im so sorry you had a rubbish time with midwife, I remember meeting a few midwives that should seriously consider a career change!! don't worry about EDD once you have your 12 wk scan that is the EDD they will go with and if they send you too soon for 12 wk scan they will only have to book you another one and you get to see baby twice, so a bonus!!! :-) also the only midwife that really matters is the one with the gas and air when you are in labour!!!!

had Dr appointment today and she pre warned me that I would also be under consultant care as my son was over 4kg (9lbs and 8 days late!!) and I have conceived within 6 months, but to be honest I don't really care who I see as long as my baby is healthy and in my arms safe in 7 months time!! will get a letter for my midwife appointment and 12 wk scan soon!!

still no symptom's - I get a little worried but then my husband reminds me that my head was down a toilet constantly from 17 wks!!

Joanna - what a lovely thing for your husband to do!! enjoy :-) if you cant get hold of your midwife, can you not phone the scan department at your hospital and find out if they have booked an appointment for you??

hope every one has a great weekend x

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:27 am
by debs29
Ellie - congratulations and welcome to the board. So great to see so many of us on here!!

Splodge - your midwife sounds awful - are you going to change midwives? It doesn't sound as if she was listening to a word you said. I'm seriously considering it as I felt no connection to mine at all and she focused too much on negative stuff - as if we don't know it all already!!

Fitch - don't worry about symptoms - it sounds from your last pregnancy as if you are going to have an awful time in about 8 weeks. It's nice to know your doctor is thinking about you and baby and knowing that someone will be looking after you! Do you have any idea how long it will take for your scan and midwife appointment to come through?

Jo - is there somewhere you can go to face midwives in person and demand an appointment? It is getting beyond a joke now - you're only 2 weeks away from 12 weeks so they are leaving it very late to get you booked in!! I hope you get somewhere at the beginning of the week!

AFM - boobs feeling a bit more sore at the sides and possibly feeling a bit more nauseous today - amn't I mad wishing to feel sick?!?!?!? Am also in a dilemma about telling people we are pregnant. My mum hinted that my dad wanted to know how our IVF treatment was going (they know I have been on drugs for months but have no idea where we are) and my mum said she told him that if I wanted them to know I would say. I replied that she was right and my decision was because they took my miscarriage really hard (almost as bad as we did) and I wanted to prevent other people any disappointment. She then looked really upset and said that I needed support. So now I feel terrible for making her think something bad when I am sitting here 10 weeks pregnant. What should I do? The way I see it I only have two weeks until scan and we wanted to wait til then. However, I am bursting as only 2 people know - oh the dilemma. However, I do also think to look at me I am all boobs and belly these days and am not drinking any tea (very unusual for me) so surely they could work it out without me saying?!?! Sorry to offload but it's nice to be able to tell someone!!!

Hope you all have an exciting weekend planned!


Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:19 am
by joannapage
Morning everyone, hope everyone is ok?

Just a quickie, we had our scan yesterday and have a very wriggly and perfect looking baby measuring 10+2. Very happy with the outcome as I was fearing the worst. Hopefully I can start to relax now?!

Splodge i'm sorry to hear that you've had a rubbish time with the midwife, i hope you can see a different one next time?

fitch - hoping your symptoms kick in nicely soon for you and you get your scan and midwife appt soon.

Hi to everyone else

Lots of love xxxx

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:20 pm
by fiddlegal
Hi Ladies,
I just got a very, very faint positive and a Clear Blue Digital positive 1-2 weeks (does that mean 3-4 weeks?)! Still in shock! That probably means I'm not a Jan 2014 dd... Late Feb?
When I called to make an appointment with my GP I was told very bluntly by the receptionist that 'the Drs don't deal with that' and my first point of contact is the midwife - who only goes to my GPs one half day a week and doesn't have any appointments until 2.5 weeks from now. Feeling a bit fobbed off... Should I try to see my GP anyway? I feel like I at least want to share the news with her, since she's been very reassuring and encouraging in regards to my PCOS.
This is my first time, so I have about a million questions - and am feeling quite anxious. Is this normal procedure or did I just have a particularly snarky receptionist?
We also just got back from holidays in France, where I admittedly overindulged on many naughty foodstuffs, thinking that there was definitely no chance of being pregnant. I'm pretty sure we conceived while we were there, which the digital test confirms, if the test dating is accurate... How accurate are they? Will the wine and soft cheeses have any effect that early? I'm feeling very guilty! I've been feeling very mild cramping and have had a horrible headache for the past few days - is that bad?!? Is there anything I can take?
Sorry for the bombardment of questions! I would appreciate any guidance based on your experiences! x

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:31 am
by Fitch
hi everyone!!

welcome fiddlegal and congratulations!! I will try and answer some of your questions.....I have never taken a clear blue digital however I do belive that you add 2 weeks onto the result as dates are calculated from your last period, so yes I would say you are 3-4 weeks pregnant :-), at my gp you see the dr first and then they refer you to the midwife!! I would make an appointment with your gp anyway and see what they say!! wouldn't worry too much about the naughty food I had stopped bf so had a few vodkas and then found out I was pregnant!! just behave now!! :-) cramping and headaches are all normal for early pregnancy I would just take paracetamol!! im sure the other girls will be able to answer aswell!!

Joanna - YAY for the scan so chuffed for you!! enjoy relaxing!!! ;-) what company did you use for scanning??

still no symptoms for me, not even slightly!! never mind just hope its like last time!! still awaiting appointments hopefully they will come soon!! in terms of telling people, the only people who know im pregnant are my husband, mum and I had to tell my boss at work as I needed to find out about going back and claiming maternity again!! my sil is currently pregnant aswell and is about 5 weeks ahead of me so didn't want to tell her incase I did miscarry and didn't want it to be awkward!! I tend not to tell anyone until 12wk scan, infact only told close people last time until 20wk scan or they guessed but think that was down to me not believing it!! will def be telling people after 12wks this time!! Its really up to you debs I don't think your parents will be annoyed what ever you decide, I think they will understand!!

hope everyone is well x

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:36 am
by fiddlegal
Hi Fitch,
Thanks for the reassurances! I'll try and get an appointment with my GP anyway, and can bombard her with my rapid fire questions rather than all of you :)
Congrats to everyone here - here's hoping the next few months go swimmingly for us all! x

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:05 am
by Kat23
Congratulations Joanna and wishing you H+H 9 months. Sad to hear about the other twin, but happy that you have a nice strong heartbeat. Hope that you feel better soon  what a lovely thing for your hubby to do. We've been chatting about going for one of the 3d scans later along as they look amazing. Sounds stressful getting hold of your midwife and hope you can relax soon. Congrats on the scan glad all was well, was this your early or private scan?

Fitch thanks for your feedback that does make me feel better as i was worrying the cramping was a bad sign but now it makes more sense. Re consultant care, i've been told that i have to be on this too because of the pcos and greater risk of diabetes, what is different about it though? i tried asking but not really sure of the difference from the answer lol. Hope your appointments come soon.

Congratulations Debs and I am sorry about your experience from the midwife, she certainly doesn't sound too sensitive and I don't blame you wanted to ask for another one. Are they offering you an early scan or do you need to wait for the 12 week? They just recommended the healthy eating etc etc, but that is also in all the books/leaflets you get given. Have you decided on whether to tell or not? It is difficult isn’t it, i don’t think we would have told until 12 weeks but for certain circumstances which made i happen but we only told our parents and a handful of friends.

Congratulations Ellie! I might end up being similar to you and nearer the end of jan/beginning of feb. Arw and how exciting for your little one to be having a sibling too. I will definitely be finding out the gender- i'm so impatient! I've got the feeling we're having a girl too.

Splodge - sorry you've been feeling so poorly hope you feel better soon. Sorry you've also had a nightmare with the midwife. Hope it gets sorted for you

Congratulations fiddelgal , the reception don’t sound very friendly at all :(, and i had to go to my GP to be referred to midwife in first place so i would think you do need an appointment.

AFM had my early scan and they think i'm not as far ahead as they originally thought, think i'm around 7 weeks, could see a heartbeat though :) Because of confusion over dates they are putting me for another scan in a few weeks time (how greedy is this :) ) and then i also get 12 weeks on top of that. Luckily they seem to understand that with pcos there isn't any certainty over when ovulated etc and the cycles, and they seem thorough and want to check things out. Also met my midwife who was lovely (i now feel quite guilty i had such a good experience) and she did all screening etc. They have given provisional date of 25th January 2014 but said they realise it may change, so i may even end up in feb following the other scans- hope you all don't mind me lurking here


Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:52 am
by Fitch
Yay for a heartbeat kat and yay for more scans!!! :-)
If I knew how to do it I would change the topic to jan and feb so more people can join!! Does anyone know how to do it?? Don't feel guilty for having a good experience just enjoy it!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well and not suffering too much with sickness ect!! X

Re: Babies due Jan & Feb 2014

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:54 am
by Fitch
I worked it out!!! :-)

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:54 am
by Fitch
Oops no I didn't it jut changed on my post!!! Help!! X

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:33 am
by splodge79
Morning all!

Gosh lots of people have been brave and joined - welcome all! Not sure how far back I can scroll.....
Kat - great news that you have seen the heartbeat. Its such a relief, isnt it!

Joanna - sorry to hear your news about the twin :( But good news about your strong little fighter! Fingers crossed for you. We had a 3/4d scan with DS around 28 weeks and it was amazing! We are hoping to do the same this time - at the moment the plan is not to tell DS until much later in pregnancy ( like October half term!) and he can then come for a 3d scan with us - that way hopefully he will have Xmas to look forward to as wont be too crazy about a sibling! Not sure how realistic this plan is at the mo mind!

Congratulations Debs and Ellie! And welcome :) Hope things are going ok for you both at the moment!

Fiddlegal - I think Fitch has covered your questions - but you can always feel free to ask more :) Cramping is totally normal - those muscles have to stretch soo much to accomodate a baby - and it continues throughout pregnancy! Paracetamol is fine as far as I know - Ive also taken codeine (much further on) on the advice of midwife.

Fitch - hope you are ok :) Dont worry too much about a 'lack' of symptoms - rather enjoy it!

Do we want a list of people and their due dates? Might be easier to keep track?

As for me - Im doing ok. Not feeling quite so sick now although it does still catch me by surprise at times - joy! bump appears to be huge by the evenings :shock: which is mainly bloating but does make it more difficult to hide! I am booked in for routine bloods on Monday, Midwife Thursday (last chance for her mind, I will be changing thereafter if she is still as appalling!) and then 12 week scan booked for 2nd July - when I think I will be 12+3 according to the last scan. Of course if the midwife has her was I'll be about 15 weeks!! We'll see :)

Right I'll start the list and feel free to join in

Jo (splodge) - EDD 11 Jan 14

Take care all!


Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:39 pm
by Kat23
hey all hope ur all ok,

I've been a bit naughty and started looking at stuff already, have been so tempted to buy stuff but really am making myself wait to the 12 week, so scared of cursing it.
Fitch- hope you manage to work it out, sorry i'm not much of a IT person
Splodge- what a lovely idea for your Ds to find out! that's really sweet. I want one of them scans- would you say it is best around 28 weeks? i'm laughing at you saying bump bigger in evenings because i find all i want to do is wear my slobby pants! i didn't think things would start to become so obvious so soon (unless i am eating too much ha ha :)) Hope your appointments go well.


Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:56 am
by Fitch
Hi all, hope everyone is well!!

We never had a 3d scan with our son, we found out we were having a boy and was told that they are really clear so thought I wanted a bit of a surprise so decided not to find out what he looked like!!! But a lovely way for your son to find out splodge!!!! :) my son will be 14 months when baby arrives so I'm guessing he won't have much of an understanding about baby but should I prepare him?? How??
Is everyone gonna find out what thy are having?? We haven't talked about it yet (don't talk about baby until after 12 wk scan!!!) but I don't think I wanna know this time!!!

Didn't show at all with my son until 24 wks then I just poped!!! But this time I have a little bump already!!!
Kat I didn't buy anything until 28wks last time and even that was little bits, I really started to shop at about 35wks, and that was far too late!! So I say if you wanna buy, buy away and enjoy it!!!! :-)

Appointments came......midwife on fri and scan mon 8th!!!

Good luck on Tuesday splodge!!! Let u know how you get on!!
Doing a list I a great idea but I don't know how to make a separate page with our EDD that we can keep bringing it forward?? Would be really nice if we could make it for feb babie as well but still don't know how to do it!!!!

EDD 20th jan 2014


Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:24 am
by splodge79
Hi all,

Hope everyone is well?? Its very quiet - hoping people are not feeling too sick and stuff.

Carla - if you go to your origional post when logged in, you should be able to edit the title to include Feb 14 babies too?
As for this list, you can either put it on your first post but only you would be able to keep editing it, or we can just copy and paste it in our own replies so anyone can add to it? Might be less stressful for you?

AFM - had midwife appt last wk, it was ok. Completed booking in, went over last labour/birth and what went wrong etc. She has requested consultant appt at 20ish weeks and I have to see the anethetist as well (as high BMI, in case I need epidural again - even though it was fine last time around!) At some point they might stop making everything about my weight - or at least I can live in hope.
12 wk scan was yesterday - baby doing well. It was the wrong way around (transverse) so quite difficult to get any decent views and the measurements etc but they did manage. Dated me at 12+4 so 1 day out from what I thought (silly midwife....cant wait to see her again next week!). No decent pictures either. And, their 'system' was down so I didnt get a proper report, just a couple of typed sentances basically saying that all looked ok but images were difficult due to me being a fatty (Ok so they didnt use those exact words, but you know what I mean!) And nothing about the baby being in the wrong position!! Talk about covering their own behinds. Never mind, the most important thing was that the little one seems to be fine. We told family yesterday too - so very exciting! And they are all now forbidden from telling my DS!

Jo - EDD 11.01.14
Carla - EDD 20.01.14
Kat -
Joanna - Edd 12.01.14?
Debs - EDD 11.01.14?
Ellie - EDD 05.02.14 but expecting c section end Jan
Fiddlegal -

I couldn't work any more out - sorry ladies!
Hope everyone is well - would love to hear how you are all doing:)
Take care

Re: Babies due Jan 2014

PostPosted: Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:11 am
by Kat23
happy for your news, I wont be joining you anymore as sadly we had news from the scan the baby had died, we're devastated but must have not been meant to be. I wish the rest of you a happy and healthy 9 months