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Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 7:55 pm
by Constance
Sarah - do you give him food now? What does he eat? It's a bit tricky, isn't it? Especially if you cannot have soya as well - we are ok with soya so Simon can have soya yoghurts (he loves them), and I give him ready brek with boiled water and vanilla soya yoghurt for breakfast...

Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 3:54 pm
by Sazwell
Constance yeah I have started food I had to as he was waking up all the time hungry..! Only really just getting into it but hes had potatoe, sweet potato, cauliflower and tiny bit of chicken. Its trying to get variety for mornings he has banana, pear and apple mixed with baby rice and water as he wont touch it if I mix some of his neocate milk.. I could express but alwsys forget and not got time there and then when i remember!! He has over the last couple of days tried cucumber & pepper. .
I am missing giving yoghurts & adding cheese etc.. i am still worried about his calcium intake?!
I think it would be a little easier if he could eat soya but prob not much? i'm making all my own foods.. I did with Ellis but do miss the convenience foods when you need it and the breakfast foods that I miss being able to use xx

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:11 pm
by Constance
Sarah, yes, it is tricky without the dairy products, isn't it? We are lucky we can have soya, but does it really replace dairy properly? I don't think so, it is just useful sometimes. As for cheese, I don't really miss it because Daniel never had any till he was about 3 years old - he just would not eat it. He did have Philadelphia cheese though.

Perhaps try some ready brek in a few weeks time, mixed up with boiling water and with pureed apple, pear or banana instead of milk? Simon loves it either with apple puree or with soya yoghurt. Unfortunately all the baby cereals contain milk. I found a Polish one made with rice and corn grits and some fruit, but it needs to be mixed with some sort of milk, and it tastes really bad with nutramigen (sweet and bitter together - yuk!) - he ate it though. Not sure whether we are allowed to use rice milk or almond or hazelnut milk - I guess probably, but what if they are allergic to nuts as well??? And rice milk is supposed to have some poisons in it... Not sure what else is left. I read somewhere about adding Nesquick, however I am not sure what it contains - let me look, well, no milk in it but a few things we should probably not give to babies, though it is designed for kids... and it says: may contain traces of soya...

I'm making S's foods as well, but already bought a few jars with meat dishes like cottage pie, the ingredients seem to be ok for us. I am a bit confused about storage of baby food. I tend to cook dishes with meat for today and tomorrow only, I'm not happy to freeze them, so it seems time consuming sometimes. It was so easy to just open jars, single portions, no refrigerating needed, etc.

I'm sort of hoping next time I try him on normal milk he will be ok, otherwise I will have to re-design the meals of the whole family to keep him safe... :shock:

I think I will have to go looking for meals ideas for him soon...

x x x

Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 8:55 pm
by Sazwell
Constance I have tried puree apple/pear and banana in baby rice or porridge with some water which he does eat pretty well!
I went to the hv on Wednesday to have him weighed and she suggested starting to try finger food etc and i mentioned the neocate and she is goung to see if there is another alternative? Although she doesn't think there is.. caedan has also reduced his bf's a lot throughout the day and isnt always that bothered about eating? My nieces love their food and are really eager when they see my sis bringing a bowl of food over to them lol.. I dont think you can give the rice/hazlenut milk i think i've read? Might be wrong? Xx

Hope everyone else & babies are doing well.. its very quiet on here lkke constance says it would be lovely to hear updates From everyone!! Xxx

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:49 pm
by espoir
hello ladies, would also love more updates, so thanks to Constance and Saz for keeping this thread alive! I will try to do one again later this month. I'm reconciling with the thought that women really can't have it all, and well am hoping that things are all going to somehow fall into place for me. Oh to win the lottery, but I guess I'd first have to play it :D

I'm a little late but happy new year to you all and hope you all had a wonderful Xmas with your lovely new babies :-)

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:12 pm
by holpops
Hello girls,

I've got a quite 5 mins while Lily is asleep in bed and my little boy has fell asleep on the sofa, so kettle on and time for a little update.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year with there little one's. Does everybody's house now resemble a toy shop? I had to have a big clear out of toys to make room for the new ones.

Sorry for lack of personals but not really got time to read back but hope everyone is doing well.

Lily is doing well, she is on three meals a day now and after a slow start she is starting to enjoy her food now and eat a bit more. She still isn't great with her milk but she never has been so I think with the food now it's affecting her milk intake more. Having her weighed on Tuesday so will be good to see how she is doing.
She is such a happy content little girl, very smiley. Although she is a totally different personality to her brother, he wAs (still is) always laughing, shouting, playing/jumping about but I can see Lily is a lot more reserved and sits and watches and takes it all in. She loves her big brother and is always smiling at him , which I love to see. Really enjoying being a mummy to two and feel very blessed. I'm due back to work in March, although me and hubby are just trying to work out if we can afford one more month off. I'm meeting my manager on Monday to start getting things sorted so I can sort child care. It makes me feel really sad thinking about going back to work. We took Lily swimming for the first time over Christmas, we hadn't been able to go before because of colds etc, but she loved it, A definite water baby.

Be lovely to hear from everyone else.


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:47 am
by SamanthaJo
Hi ladies and babies,

Happy New Year! I'm so sorry I've been absent so long but I haven't forgotten you all! Things have been hectic with our house build (still not in) and we suffered a couple of bereavements end of last year. Still no excuse for not checking in for goodness knows how long so I'm really sorry.

Hope you are all well and had a lovely first Christmas with your little ones. Scarlett turned 6 months yesterday and it's so scary how quick time is going! As its nearly 1am I shall have a catch up tomorrow to see what you've all been up to but wanted to say hello.

Speak very soon!


Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:48 pm
by Sazwell
Hi everyone x
Good to hear from some of you xx

Espoir are you back at work honey? I wish I could win the lottery too.. life would be a little easier!!! How are the twins? xxx

Holpops glad lily is doing so well.. caedans milk intake has dropped due to starting food although some of it is he too nosey (still having to bf ) or he more interested in food. Ellis was the same he refused milk during the day and only had a bit before bed. Its awful even thinking about going back to work i need to speak to my boss as i am goung to have to reduce my hours as my mum isnt able to have the boys as much as she was before i left on mat leave. I was doing 9/10hr days.. she not goung to be happy but there is nothing I can do I cant afford nursery fees! Think i will have to look for another job? Something less stressful and that i can go do my job then come home? Hope you able to get another month off xxx

Samjo caedan was 6 months today!! I csn believe how quickly its gone? Lovely to heat from you.. xxx

Constance how are you doing honey? Just hsd an appointment through at dieticians in February.. they said they didn't want to see me until he was a year old but I'm glad! Need to think about useful questions I have and write them down so I dont forget!! Xxx

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:13 pm
by Vixd1
Hi everyone,

Just been catching up - sorry i have been AWOL!
Glad to see that you and babies are all doing well. My little Seren is 8 months old now...cant believe how quickly the time is flying!I have been back at work for 4 months already and am finding that a challenge. I would have loved a year off to raise her but she is such a happy baby and loves going to the childminders for two days a week. We are currently going through the first couple of teeth which so far are coming through without much agony..she is crawling and standing and trying to walk but without much success (yet!). She is certainly a handful but we love every second!

Sorry some of you are having some problems re:diet. I know a couple of my mummy friends are having similar issues with either lactose intolerance or other allergies making an appearance. I am afraid i cant help here as so far (touch wood) we have had no problems and i think we have tried most foods now. I hope that the dietitians help and give some good advice. I've heard that getting referrals is a nightmare so well done for getting that far!

Anyone thinking of another baby yet?? I need to lose all the baby weight first and am finding that a real struggle! Doctor gave me metformin to try and help but it really does not agree with me!!!


Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 10:31 pm
by espoir
Hello ladies! how are you all doing? We've all been sick the last month, so it's been tough, and lots of visits to the docs! Oh well, hope we're over the worst of things now, although feel I'm coming down with another cold. The babies are doing well - they've both starting weaning (DS has been doing baby rice for a while - just got around to preparing veg!!) - and it's going well now - they are devouring the carrots we've prepared. At the moment it's simpler to do purees as we don't really have a routine going with them so they may or may not be both awake when we're eating. Plus neither is really sitting up properly yet for BLW. Don't think it'll be too long before we're taking out the high chair though! Sounds terrible, but can't wait to start putting away some of the baby equipment - takes up so much space!!! DD has started rolling over regularly now, but DS still hasn't managed yet. He'll get there eventually I'm sure. They are a bit behind DS1 at the same age, but I know that can happen, and so not worrying too much at the mo. The 3 of them get on well together, although we find it a bit of a struggle to go out as a family at the weekend. I'm also getting used to the idea of being forever in "catch-up" mode - it seems you've only cleaned something or done the laundry when there's another pile building up. It gets frustrating at times, because I do feel so much better when things are tidied and organized, as it reduces the mummy-brain incidents as well! So, that's still a work in progress.

AFM, since my acupuncture sessions I've had 2 natural AFs and think I'm ovulating at the mo!! It's on track anyway for a 6 week cycle - incredible after all these years and treatments! After feeling some pangs about never being pregnant again (although it was not in our plans anyway), I think at this point I feel done, and could not deal with being pregnant again (excited though to read that some are thinking about going again :-))). I'm getting bad PMS though - there are some days I've just felt sooo irritable, and very tired...I forgot that is the negative point of having AF -there's only about a week a month you feel good! I also think my feet have increased in size - I know it can happen, but still caught me by surprise, as I have big feet now!!!

How's everyone else doing?

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:13 am
by holpops

How is everyone and their babies doing?

Espoir- it sounds like the twins are doing great. It's a job getting us all out there door so I can't imagine it with a toddler and two babies, I seem to have to take so much these days, especially now I've potty trained my DS. I used to be quite disorganised but motherhood is definatly changing that . Sounds like it's a good start to the weaning, it's great when they start to explore new flavours, I've really enjoyed weaning this time as I think I feel a bit more confident with it second time round.

Vix- that just have been hard going back to work but it sounds like your little one has adapted really well. I bet you look forward to coming home and having your days off.
I would love a 3rd baby but definatly not for maybe 4 years, I would like DD to be at school to. However my husband does not want anymore so we may stop at two if I can't convince him in the future.

Sazwell- is caeden still enjoying his food? Are you getting things sorted with work.

Hope everyone else is well.

Lily had a sickness bug a few weeks ago were she didn't really eat for about 5 days, but since then she has really discovered her eating all her food and liking most things I give her and she has tried quite a few things now. - she's had chicken and veg lamb and veg, salmon, spaghetti bolognaise etc. I'm really enjoying making her meals. She is also finishing all her milk now which she has never done. Looking forward to having her weighed on Tuesday, Last time she was 14lb 14ozs. Since she was ill her sleeping isn't as good at night time now, she goes to bed fine until about two then she wakes up a few times, so feeling a little sleep deprived at the minute. Hoping she will eventually settle again and sleep through. Lily is getting quite active now, and she can manover around a bit, not crawling though just with her hands, she can go from sitting to her front and now she is trying to pull herself up on things but she's not strong enough yet. It's lovely seeing her changing though.
I sorted work and I'm going back in April and they have given me set days which I'm really pleased about and makes
childcare a lot easier.

I've just potty trained my toddler, he is going to be three in a couple of weeks- time has gone so fast. He is still in nappies at night but he's now dry in the day.

I'm really struggling to lose the rest of the baby weight. I'm still 10 pounds heavier than pre-pregnancy and I could of done with shifting a stone or so before getting pregnant. My meals are healthy it's just the cakes, chocolate etc that I seem to want all the time. Wish I had better Will power. I'm thinking though that I need to lose it now as I'm worried my work uniform won't fit! Haha.


Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:32 am
by Sazwell
Hi everyone x

vix sounds like Seren is doing amazing and glad her first few teeth have come through without too much fuss!! Glad she is enjoying being at childminders its peace of mind when we have to go back to work! sounds like she will definitely be on the move soon.. then thats it lol needing eyes in the back of your head xx

espoir I know what you mean about the washing.. I havent got three children!! My sis is the same and I think she is just starting to find its getting difficult as the girls need more entertaining and are starting to want to stand up!! Getting out is hard for her too she always says she wouldn't be able to get out if it wasnt for us being together. She still carries the car seats into places like toddler groups etc but she is struggling with the weight of them but if they not in the car seat you have to carry the babies into places but then once into anywhere its hard to put them down or you have to sit with them (sometimes its harder to get the pram up etc just to run into toddler, shop?) Its getting a lot harder for her as they get older. Obviously as well having Gracie who is not 2 yet adds to the difficulty as she is very difficult and is diffinately in the terrible 2's xx

I'll be back later to continue my post... xxx

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:33 pm
by Sazwell
Arghhhh just written a long post then lost it!!! So I'll try & condense it, probably best as I did go on.. lol!!!

Holpops sorry lily had a bad tummy bug and not sleeping as well through the night I've been having a similar problem!! Caedan weighed 17lb 3oz last Wednesday xx

afm feel like I get over one hurdle then another one appears. . caedan been crying for up too 1 1/2 hrs through the night since december i have worked out it was the odd chocolate etc (daily) that i have been eating over the xmas period which I didnt think would hurt especially as i have reduced bf's. As soon ss i have stopped the nights have improved without any crying which is worrying. This went on for weeks and I started to dread night's.. caedan has now got a virus which stared last Wednesday hes had a very high temperature and moany which I put down to teething (although no sign of any) yesterday his temperature was 38.8 and suddenly got a rash.. we got an appointment at out of hours gp which said it is a virus with it basically ;-( carry on giving ibuprofen & calpol (which I have been doing since last Wednesday) i think thats a long time to carry on giving both daily?? So more bad nights eith a poorly baby! Sorry I've rambled but feel I'm getting over one thing then another thing happens..i'm also waiting for a prescription to try some new milk but they can't get it anywhere?? I just want it to put in his food..back at dietician on 20th feb see what they say? Xxx

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:41 pm
by Constance
Hi ladies and babies

I can't believe how quickly this year is progressing, I'm already planning Simon's birthday cake, lol.

He is 8 months now, he can sit on his own and he really enjoys it, especially in the bath where he can splash the water, :D , he used to roll around the room but since sitting up, he does not bother too much, but whenever he lies down on his belly he tries to lift up his bum, like he is practising the crawling position, lol. He is a very happy baby now and smiles a lot. At night he normally wakes up once for milk, though we had a few nights with no milk at all, he can wake up for his dummy a few times some nights though... He is still on nutramigen, but we are thinking of testing him in a month or so, as the paed told us to do that. I'm afraid I have not had time to go and weigh Simon since October, :oops: , he tends to sleep when they open the clinic, and then I have to pick up Daniel from school, and then it's too late, dark and cold and I need to cook dinner... that's my excuse. But some of his 6-9 month clothes are getting tight, and some of the 9-12 month clothes fit him already...

Sarah - your poor LO seems to be very sensitive to foods, bless him, hopefully he will grow out of it quickly. That's what I'm hoping for Simon, though I keep finding an occasional red spot (like from an insect bite) whenever my mum tries to tamper with his feeding. she sometimes decided to give him a bit of milk chocolate or something, she is stubborn and won't admit it unless I'm quick to see or smell it... Not sure what gives him the spots, perhaps a bit of egg in a biscuit???

We've had difficult times recently as well, me and Simon had colds ,then I had food poisoning while he had both ears infected together with temperature and vomiting. OMG , could this never happen again, please???

Holpops, lucky you - I have about 2.5 stones to lose :oops: , bit fed up already but I need to get slim again, hate myself fat. I feel better trying and doing something, however painful it is than doing nothing...

I'm definitely not having another baby, so bless all of you who think about it - and good luck.

We are having Simon's Christening on the 9th of March, together with his cousin Sophie, who is 4 weeks older than Simon. It is going to be a nice ceremony and party afterwards, so we are looking forward to it.

Espoir - my feet grew after my first pregnancy too. all my old shoes are too small and I don't know why I still have them, though most of them are special occasion shoes and two pairs dancing shoes that came from Turin and were expensive, and now I cannot put my feet in them, not that we went back to ballroom dancing though... it will take us a few more years before we can, I think.

Hope all of you are well, and the babies are growing happily.

x x x

Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:17 pm
by Sazwell
Hi everyone x
hope all ladies & babies doing well!!

Constance sounds like Simon is doing so much better, happy and smiley is a good indication! ! We have finally been given some new milk to try, almera which caedan has actually had a drink of its sooo much better to the neocate. I'm glad as his weight hasnt been going up as it should and has gone from the 75th centile st 4 months to nearly down to 25th at just 7 months. We went to see the dietician on Thursday and she has said he needs more calorific foods snd should be adding butter & his milk (obviously soya & dairy free). I also mentioned me eating the odd chocolate button and she said it would obviously have an effect on him.. she looked at me like i was a bit thick! I just thought it wouldnt hurt with reducing bf's and not having a lot? I am obviously thick then lol..
She also said that they wouldn't start introducing dairy/soya till 18months at least and any time up to 5?!? and this wouldnt be a short term thing? You been told to try Simon? Have you tried yet? X

Caedan been poorly for the last few weeks but really dipped Wednesday afternoon, his temp was 39.4!! Took him to the gp and he has tonsilitus, hes been really poorly although he seems brighter today after3 days of antibiotics but she did say his throat was 'grotty'. Apart from his illness he doing well always on his feet standing up unaided at the sofa and has stood for a few seconds on his own.. he very determined! Hope he'll be walking soon so I can get my hands back lol. Our nights have got a bit better no prolonged crying (after I stopped eating things I shouldnt) they have been distured due to him being poorly. Xx

hope everyone else is doing well xxx