Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

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Re: Babies due Jun & Jul 2013

Postby Constance » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:42 am

Congratulations Caleta, lovely name as well.

Simon is on cow's milk now with no problems. :) Though with the 2 of them drinking milk we go through 4 pints of milk a day... :shock: We found the reason why he kept having the loose nappies 4 times a day, and an upset stomach - the nursery was feeding him milk from a tin that expired a month earlier (they should only use it for a month after opening, but they used it for 2 months until I asked them to check!) I think our private nursery is a bit rubbish at times, though I like some things about it, like the space they have and the playground at the back and some of the girls working there are really nice. I will be happy when Simon is potty trained and more independent, fortunately he knows now to look for his own cup rather than drink from any of them, so hopefully he will not get sick all the time. Well, as soon as they move him to the 2-3 years old group, because in the 1-2 years old group there are always babies who will have a go at his cup! I hated the nursery last winter, Simon was sick all the time, his ears kept blocking up and with him only having hearing in one ear it had impact on his speech development! The audiology consultant was very unhappy and talking about a hearing aid. We also have to go to speech therapy as well now, even though last few weeks he's been talking more and more and more. Another issue I have with the nursery is that I suspect they change the nappies when it's their set time rather than keep checking, so after a couple of hours with a dirty nappy Simon gets really sore skin, which is annoying. We went away for 2 weeks and he never had a problem, fist day back this week and he was all red and painful! I'm not sure what I should tell them. Has any of you got problems like this with your nursery?

How are you all and how are the little ones?

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