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Re: dealing with LOs with allergies

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:42 am
by espoir
Hi ladies,

Since DS2 was about 3 months, he's had terrible constipation - in the sense that although he goes regularly, his stools are very hard, and he strains to go, and it's painful for him. He started off on EBM, supplemented with Aptamil HA, and then around 2 months cos we thought he might have reflux, we changed to Aptamil AR, and about a month after changing so did his stools. At 5 months we changed again to Aptamil 2, and just recently we've changed again to Aptamil Comfort. We give lactulose with 2 bottles per day. None of these changes have had any effect (these changes have all been made under medical advice). I'm considering going back again to Aptamil HA. I've been reading a little about milk protein allergies, but seems diarrhea rather than constipation would be a symptom? He has red anus, which made me think that there may be some allergy there, but what? We thought once he started weaning things would improve, but not so far. Any thoughts on whether there may be an allergy?