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Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:06 am
by Fitch
Well yesterday he had a total of 19oz and three meals of veg and fruit!! I bought some cereals and baby rice so at least he will get a bit more milk that way!! should i also put a bit of his milk in his fruit and veg?? I always wanted to try BLW but as he refused milk my only option was to spoon feed so he def gets food in him!!

Kasha - I didn't think he could have yoghurt/cheese before 6 months?? My plan was to keep him on fruit and veg until 6 months then introduce cheese, yog, meat do you think I should do that now to get a more varied diet??

Thanks again ladies I'm glad I have found this website!! :-)

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:34 pm
by Yvette75
Fitch - I would speak to your HV about introducing dairy etc before 6 months as I think the advice is to wait. I have never weaned before 6 months so have no personal experience and did BLW so mine just had whatever we had.


Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:03 pm
by Kasha
I introduced wheat and dairy before 6 mths with both of mine (but only just before really) Imdid discuss it with my hv (ok to be fair i told them i was doing it!) but they were completely fine about it. I also used cows milk in their cereal and not breastmilk after 5 1/2 mths with both of them, and will do the same if i need to wean Caelan before 6 mths. Incidentally they are both fine with no food allergies. I would definitely talk to your hv about it tho first.

Its never too late to do BLW and no reason why you cant start it just as soon as he is able to hold food andd bring it to his mouth. Just because he's had some purees doesnt mean you cant do a bit of both or give him finger foods. Again i did both with mine, just for ease really. I wanted to do solely BLW with Teghan but ended up giving her her breakfast (weetabix or porridge) and gave her finger food the rest of the time but it worked really well for us.
Trynot to fuss too much about what they are eating as it will drive you nuts! Youmight find that theyhave runs of eating brilliantly then a week of being rubbish, at leadt mine do!

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:40 pm
by Fitch
Thanks ladies

Panic averted!! he decided that he didn't want food yesterday and drank his normal milk amount!! So your right kasha!! :-) today however he just wants food!! I'm not gonna worry anymore (try) I will continue with fruit veg and cereal for now then introduce cheese, milk and meat at 6 months. He does have the odd finger food (banana, cooked carrot stick ect) so BLW is still on the cards when he is abit older :-)

Thanks again, I would have gone straight to my HV but she never really sounds like she knows what she is talking about (she told me my son never had a tongue tie as he was putting on weight and 1 week later I took him to a breast feeding clinic and the next day he had it chopped!!!) that's part of the reason BF never lasted!! So still abit bitter about that!!


Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:08 am
by sicily
Hi ladies,

I've exclusively bf my little one with the aim of starting to introduce formula at six months and make a full switch by 8ish months. She's well and happy and been on 50th centile since 3 weeks old but in the last few weeks has been ravenous and comfort sucking a lot due to teething pain. In the early morning hours it can be ever hour she wakes (since the onset of teething/4month sleep regression - previously she fed every 2.5-3hrs at night)
We co sleep after about midnight so it is easier but still knackering! The reason I want to stop bf by then is that I want to see how it affects my PCOS/fertility for ttc.

At bedtime she gets a bottle of about 4oz EBM from daddy and is usually in bed by 8. She can go until midnight but the last few nights has been stirring at 10 and then my husband can't get her back to sleep so I've ended up feeding her. I know I'm totally 'guilty' of feeding her to sleep, even though I do think it is normal for babies to go to sleep on the boob, nap times at home too, if out and about she goes to sleep in sling or buggy. she's also started refusing the dummy which used to help her get to sleep so I didn't always have to feed her to sleep.

Last night for the first, time we gave her formula and she took 5oz and still woke at 10 and i fed her again! I don't think she was hungry - definitely comfort!
My worry is, when I am bottle feeding her fully, how will I deal with night wakes where I can't just boob her back to sleep?
I don't intend to do any form of controlled crying and will cosleep with her until she is ready to go to her own bed.
Thanks for your help...
Also, I go back to work for 7 weeks full time when she's 8 months old so I'm worried she might reverse cycle at night with the little bit of milk I have left?

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:54 pm
Hey Sicily,

Hugs! How are you and your lo? She must be almost 5 or just 5 months old now? If only our babies could talk and tell us what they wanted! It would be so much easier.

I have bottle-fed William from birth. I have to say we were very lucky and William has not woken for a night feed since 7 weeks old. We roughly follow the Baby Whisper methods and so do a dream feed at 10pm, which takes him through to 7am, which we will drop when he is weaned - I highly recommend her books, but of course only when adapted to suit each baby.

We faced a similar dilemma with William's naps when he was around 3/4 months old - at first he struggled with the 45 minute sleep cycle transition and he would cry after 45 mins, I knew he wasn't hungry and so I had to just try and get him back to sleep, with the ultimate goal being him to self settle. I know that it must be easier to deal with this during the day than at night when you are tired and want sleep though. He takes a dummy so we used that, or the ssh and pat method in the Baby Whisperer book. Or sometimes I used to just stroke his hair or hold his hand or place my hand on his chest. Maybe you could use a comforter that reminds her of you instead? One of these approaches usually worked and after a few days, his transition between naps improved vastly, and he is now able to self settle himself back to sleep almost all of the time. We never did feed to sleep though, so we didn't have to try eliminating that dependency.

To be honest, the key is to never give in! Even though it will be a hard few days, it will pay off in the long run. I too don't believe in controlled crying but one tip from the Baby Whisperer book that I highly recommend is to listen to your baby before reacting. It would be easy to intervene as soon as the baby cries, but you need to assess what they really want before doing so. William has a range of cries from whinges to full on outbursts - and I know that some will only last 30 seconds or so before he will self settle and so if I intervene I will stop him from self settling. It's difficult because your natural instinct is to tend your baby as soon as they start crying but I was surprised at much of the crying stopped after 30 seconds or so.

Not sure what to do re teething pain waking her - any advice would also be welcome as William is definitely teething and you can see that some days he is in pain (we've tried the usual bonjela, teething rings etc).

Also, do you think she is getting enough milk in the day?

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:42 pm
by sicily
Hi worriedwife! Hasn't time flown! Can't believe our little ones are getting so big. Weaning time here for us soon, yikes!

Thanks for all your tips, lots to think about... Have heard of the book and will take a look at it. I think my main dilemma is about what will happen when I switch from bf fully to bottle feeding. I know breastfeeding is about so much more than food, so she is using it for comfort and I don't want to deny her that while I can still give it to her, as I feel it is as valid a need as food - so although she's not hungry, she is relying on my boobs for comfort and for getting to sleep. Sometimes at bedtime, we do try to put her down slightly dozy after a feed (bottle or boob) and she does sometimes fall asleep like this. Same when she stirs, we listen out and sometimes she goes back to sleep, more often that not she goes back to sleep with just a shush and hand on tummy, but sometimes cries turn into full blown crying and the only thing that helps is bf - these are the times I know she must be suffering with teething. A couple of times even bf has not helped so I've given her teething granules, Calpol or nurofen.

I know bf babies go to being fully bottle fed all the time so mums and babies must just work it out... But I'm just wondering how long it takes and how it goes!

Hope all is well with you though! Are you having thoughts about #2 or returning to work? Xx

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 3:44 pm
by Fitch

Just had a question on blw ........ Do you remove the food (main course) from babies high chair tray before you give them pudding (fruit ect)???


Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2013 6:50 pm
by Yvette75
I tend to leave it til the end and just throw more stuff on as quite often Jessica will go back to things.

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 9:57 am
by sammykins
I leave stuff too. I also don't want them to perceive pudding (i.e sweeter stuff) as reward for eating the main course, so I never make a big fuss about differentiating main and pudding x

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:17 pm
by espoir
DD is 6 months old, and while her brother is already eating solids, she is still not interested. I'm not too bothered about this as I know she's still young, but we cannot even give her medicine orally as she just spits it out. I'm guessing she still has a strong gag reflex. DS1 didn't take to solids til around the same age or a bit older, but don't remember having problems giving him medicine. Has anyone experienced something similar with their LO? Oh dear, I sound obsessed with medicine, but DD has been sick, and we weren't able to treat as we would have liked, and mainly concerned that if antibiotics are needed we won't be able to give them to her.

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:19 pm
by Yvette75
You are probably already doing or know the following:

Are you syringing the medicine gently into the side of her mouth?
Have you tried holding her nose as you syringe it in? A bit cruel but in order to breathe they have to swallow the medicine.

As for the weaning I wouldn't worry about DD not taking to solids. Have you thought about doing Baby Led Weaning and letting her go at her own pace. I fed my eldest mush and found it very stressful (with hindsight). My younger 2 were both baby led weaned and it was soooooo much easier.

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:39 pm
by espoir
We haven't done the nose-holding, but we use a syringe and she has either gagged and vomited after swallowing, or just keeps her mouth open so it all falls out :roll:

I'm all for going at their own pace for the weaning, so may just go with BLW for her, if she's not into being spoon-fed. What age did yours start BLW at? Neither are sitting up yet, so think we may have to wait a bit, but DS is eating baby rice, and need to switch to veggies for him once I get a chance to prepare them!

Re: The feeding thread (breast, bottle, and weaning)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:51 pm
by Yvette75
If her mouth is open I don't think that the nose holding would help. My little lovelies used to clamp their mouths shut so nose holding made them open their mouths to breathe, then we could squirt in the meds then hold the nose again to get them to swallow.

Seriously with 2 I wouldn't consider anything other than BLWing as it means that you can eat yourself and just let them get on with it! We had the Ikea antilop highchairs and just put the inflatable cushion in to prop them up. My youngest two girls didn't sit unaided until 12 months old but we did BLWing from 6 months. It took a good few weeks before they actually ate anything of note but for the first month they enjoyed getting to grips with the food (big pieces of whatever we were having!)

Yvette x