For those expecting Multiples (Twins and more)

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Re: For those expecting Multiples (Twins and more)

Postby espoir » Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:14 pm

Congratulations! Exciting times ahead :-)) My twins arrived at almost 38 weeks. However I was signed off work from 20 weeks, for no reason other than my doctor wanted me to rest. It does start to get tougher being on the move from around then, although I was probably ok for another month or two. It probably depends on what type of job you have. I discussed with my doctor at the 12 week scan what the plan would likely be. I know some people that have worked way beyond 5 months when pregnant with twins, but I'd say around 7 months may be your limit.
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Re: For those expecting Multiples (Twins and more)

Postby Sammi » Fri Apr 11, 2014 5:40 pm

Hi Mamfa, congrat on your twins!

I'm pregnant with IVF twins, we are having a boy and a girl (confirmed twice now but always room for the girl to grow a willy!). I walk 3 miles a day all together, to and from work (I am by no means super fit and actually overweight!) and I'm managing this fine at the moment, but I know things can change. My actual job is nice and easy, mostly sitting all day!

I'm planning on leaving work at 32 weeks, for 3 weeks annual leave then mat leave will officially start at 35 weeks. I guess I can be signed off or bring mat leave forward if necessary but planning it to start any earlier, when I may be fine, didn't make sense to me. So I'll just see how things go!

Sorry the sickness has been bad, hope it doesn't last too long x
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Re: For those expecting Multiples (Twins and more)

Postby Emma78 » Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:36 pm

Congratulations! I had my twins at 38+1 after begging for a sweep which successfully got things going. Otherwise my hospital would have left me until about 39 weeks before any kind of intervention.

I worked in marketing whilst pregnant. I was home-based but commuted into London for meetings. I worked until about 32 weeks at which point it got just too uncomfortable to travel and waddle around the Tube! I was signed off by my doctor (I refused to waste annual leave when I was entitled to sick pay!) and then my mat leave kicked in at 36 weeks.

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Re: For those expecting Multiples (Twins and more)

Postby michelle79 » Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:12 pm

Hi mamfa
Congratulations! Exciting times, if a little daunting! Twins are considered term at 37 weeks, I'm not sure they let you go much over 38 weeks but you would have to ask the others about that. My plan was to work til 30 weeks, unfortunately I got signed off sick at 27wks and mine were born at 28 weeks. All I would say is be organised so that everything is good to go should they come early.
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