So I left it til 35 .... need a chat

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So I left it til 35 .... need a chat

Postby onlyme83 » Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:22 pm

I've known I had pcos since 16. Been with my hubby since 17.
And yet I find myself at 35 ttc our 1st!
Let me explain... I don't regret it. I needed major surgery on my hip which I finally consented to last year. Having struggled to walk all my life and suffered a lot of pain, I'm actually feeling the best i have for years physically . Though i am overweight -
My g.p put me back on the metformin the PCOS going prescribed years ago. I'm trying to get my head back into a low sugar, wholegrain carbs diet. I take folic acid and i did put us both on Q10 for a few months.
I chart using fertility friend but I'm a bit rubbish at taking my temperature.
My periods stopped completely at 16 and when I came off the Pill 2 years ago i was surprised when they started after a bit of weight loss. They're even pretty regular which is main reason I use FF, that and recording when we've done the deed!
I tried for 3 months ti check for ovulation via the blood test at the GPs- we think we kept missing the right day due to irregularities. Also the cheap opk, I used for 3 months but never got a line. Fertility clinic won't take referral til I lose about 2.5 stones, incredibly hard as you know with pcos!

I guess I'm just offloading today because I don't really have anyone who understands. I do suffer anxiety and the Last thing i wanted was to become anxious every month. This is the 1st month where that's started. Had a bit of spotting a few days ago on holiday but no AF yet. I expected period around yesterday or today but as I said it's never like clockwork, though i usually have 2 or 3 days with a bit of show on tissue and other than that 1 day last week, nothing. Had very sensitive nips and quite emotional last week, felt like pms.
But I think I've actually dared let myself hope I'm late.....
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