‘Normal’ bloods, but scan has confirmed PCOS?

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‘Normal’ bloods, but scan has confirmed PCOS?

Postby Mini87 » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:25 am


I’ve just had a scan which has confirmed I have PCOS. I initially had a scan in 2011 which confirmed this. However my recent blood results have all shown pretty ‘normal’ levels.

After not responding to Clomid, we were due to begin IVF, I took a pregnancy test and were absolutely delighted to find out I was pregnant! Couldn’t believe it!

We are TTC baby no2. I had hoped that after having a baby (just over 14 months), that things would fall into place. They haven’t, I still don’t have periods. Scan was to see what my ovaries were looking like, which confirmed PCOS, but normal bloods. What does this mean?

Would really appreciate if someone could shed some light.

Thanks you :)
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