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TTC number 2

Postby Mini87 » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:25 am

Hi there,

Hopefully I’m posting in the right area (sorry if not). I’m after some advice really....

I’ve had PCOS for as long as I can remember, I’ve never had a period, moderate acne in the past etc etc...

I began seeing the fertility clinic at the beginning of 2015. Had various rounds of Clomid which did absolutely nothing (each time I was scanned the follicules were tiny). Then had Ovarian Drilling in October 2015, which was also unsuccessful - one more go with Clomid (again when scanned follicules were very small). IVF was the next option, we went to our ‘injection lesson’, got our dates for egg collection...the whole cycle was in place. Due to take Norethisterone to get things started, so took a pregnancy test. I absolutely could not believe it as I was pregnant. We now have a beautiful happy, healthy little boy who is 11 months old. I still look at him and can’t believe that he’s here!

We’re wanting to try for another baby, I just wanted to know if there’s anything I should take to potentially boost our chances? As I imagine they’re pretty slim!

I should’ve probably mentioned in the above that my husbands sperm count is low due to intense chemotherapy.

Thank you!
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