New to this - both TTC AND forums! - (anyone from Suffolk?)

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Re: New to this - both TTC AND forums! - (anyone from Suffol

Postby dosymare » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:44 am

I'm not aure why I got put on both and other don't. My sister saw the exact same Dr...I got referred straight to gyne she got prescribed metformin and a referral. But then the gyne prescribed me both. Apparently it can kick start ovulation on its on and then with the clomid it increases chances as well.

Also not to add any extra happy thoughts but with PCOS you are more likely to miscarry so there are studies that if you have a weak uteral lining the metformin can help to stabilise it or something the extent that when and if we conceive I will have to continue the metformin until week 14.

From what I can tell every area and hospital have there own method and every woman has a different story to go with there journey .

Omg hols969 tell me about it. I'm so bored of BM which I expected but then my DH yesterday turned it down. He's a man. I thought that would never happen. Its like being forced so we spiced it up and skipped a day...hahaha I wish I was joking but that was spicing it up lol.

I'm only on my first cycle of Clomid atm suffolklady. And my first blood test is today eeek.

I will say once the bad side effects have gone from the clomid etc ...they actually help with the hormonal imbalance that you noticed when you came off the pill so I'm starting to settle back to myself now yay.

And another irony of the day..."a side effect of Clomid is multiple pregnancies"...the Dr was miffed when I said great...multiple is better than none surely??
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Re: New to this - both TTC AND forums! - (anyone from Suffol

Postby SuffolkLady » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:16 am

Oh I guess I'll just have to wait and see what they prescribe. Is Metaformin linked to BMI as I read it's actually a drug for diabetics so I thought they might give it if they thought Insulin Resistance was a factor. I'm just guessing though?

Eeks exciting. Let us know how you get on!! Fingers crossed for you that it's good news.

Snap on the BM I've had to coerce my DH into it a few times so it must be getting boring ha ha. It does take the fun out of it, NEEDING to do it every other day whether you want to or not. Especially with irregular cycles...10 week full on BM is difficult. I can imagine with normal cycles it's a breeze compared!

Haha I'd have said the same. I don't know why they are so negative about twins etc. I guess because of the risks. I'd be happy to have twins I feel like I'd have a ready made family without having to go through all the horrible TTC process again!
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Re: New to this - both TTC AND forums! - (anyone from Suffol

Postby Hols969 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:30 am

There is not an increased risk of miscarriage due to pcos - they thought their was but further research has shown this is not the case. It is also very common to bleed in early pregnancy too (I did)!!

It does get difficult to feel spontaneous when you are on a schedule LOL !!!
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Re: New to this - both TTC AND forums! - (anyone from Suffol

Postby dosymare » Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:11 pm

Huh...well my Dr clearly needs to update there information leaflets about pcos although I'm relieved ive not for a higher chance of miscarriage then.

My BMI is 23.4 and in the normal range but I read somewhere that the increased riskof diabetes is because of the chance of insulin resistance which links to the hirmones that also relate to pcos or something.

Tbh everything I get from the Dr etc etc my DH k ows more about I tend to go into a bit of a trance I guess you could call it and nothing really makes sense.

Its like they are talking another language and he is my translator I just get so nervous and anxious each timw I cant concentrate on what they are saying
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