US in the UK, NHS? Herbs & Diet advice..

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US in the UK, NHS? Herbs & Diet advice..

Postby sunnysenu » Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:39 pm


New here (in the discussion board and the country). So, I've tried searching and trying to figure out who I should talk to, I know this might sound self-explanatory but not sure this works in the UK with the NHS. I've been TTC for almost a year, I'm not sure if I'm ovulating and my periods have their ups and downs (sometimes I have them monthly and other months, I skip them). I wanted to talk to my GP or not sure who I should reach out to, I wanted to look into perhaps being prescribed Clomid?

Herbs - I'm totally open to trying new options. Currently on Merformin 500mg and taking Iron supplement (Spatone - due to severely low iron), multivitamins & vitamin B complex. I've looked into taking Evening Primrose Oil, Folic Acid and Vitex Agnus Cactus/Chasteberry (acts like Clomid?). Just bought a Body Basal Thermometer, I know I won't notice the changes in temps if I don't start with CD01 (menses) but just need to get into the habit. Better late than never.

Any other herbs I should look into taking?

Diet? I need to lose at least 10-15lbs (4-7 kg) to maybe kick-start my body back to normal.
I've read so many articles/blogs/boards, watched plenty of videos and took in many advices from people TTC but I definitely want to hear from people who've actually achieved in getting pregnant. Any advice on diet changes - things I should definitely remove and/or add?

FYI - I'm 45 days late, tested twice this week and got a BFN. :( :( :(

Staying positive!!
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