Negative pregnancy test but no period!!

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Negative pregnancy test but no period!!

Postby Absmildred » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:14 pm

I was diagnosed with pcos at age 18, however since then I have had another internal scan and no sign of cysts. Blood tests have been inconclusive. However I do still have the facial hair, tiredness and am a bit big round my tummy! I try to keep my weight in check but its hard to lose weight etc. Anyway onto the main point..

My periods have be regular for about 2 years. Every 28/29 days without fail. I have been off the pill since Dec 14 and ttc. This month I am 13 days late, but had 3 negative pregnancy tests. However I have been feeling unwell, emotional, tired, headaches, etc. I went to the Dr today and he said I may have a virus!! I personally feel that I have been ill since my period was late not late because I am ill. If that makes sense? I wondered if anyone else has had negative tests but found they were pregnant or had other complications? He tried to suggest it might be stress related but I am not stressed lol. I love my job, home life is happy. Etc

Would love to hear from u
Abbi x
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