Inofem vs Inofolic

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Inofem vs Inofolic

Postby brooke » Fri Oct 09, 2015 8:47 am

Hi Ladies

I am starting out the journey of TTC. We have seen a specialist who has told me to take Inofolic instead of just standard folic acid as its supposed to help PCOS ladies more.

I have been trying to find where to buy it and come across this webpage:
It appears to be produced by Pharmasure who seem to also produce IVF drugs in the UK so seems legit.

I then also spotted on this forum people talking about Inofem:
This has the exact same ingredients but appears to be from a Polish company (since the webpage is hosted at .pl and also has polish as the other language).

Has anyone used either of these products with success? and is the first source a reliable one? I don't want to just order random medication from the internet!! I have also put a call into the medical secretary for our consultant to ask but thought someone on here may know the answer?

Many thanks
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