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New member, recently been diagnosed with polysistic ovaire

PostPosted: Fri Sep 25, 2015 10:25 pm
by Shells15
Hi, I'm new to this, but thought id give it I try, I've googled and googled polysitc ovaries and I've completely terrified myself and given myself hope!
I'm 27 years old always been reasonably healthy but admittedly have gained and lost weight quite a few times,
Two years (next month) I went to the doctor as I kept getting side effects from my contraceptive pill like spots around mouth, and on my chest and back this had been going on sometime and I had tried a few different pills, the doctor recommended I came off the pill to give my body a three month break .... I did this and didn't have a period so waited and waited doctor said could take some time for my body to return to normal... To cut a long story short it's been almost 24 months I've had 8 periods and don't seem to be ovulating ( I'm
Trying for a baby )
I've had several blood tests and sit tests everything normal apart from was told my progesterone level was 3 and should be 30??
I've been reffered to a fertility specialist In the uk where I live,
I've had blood tests and had a internal scan they have confirmed I have polysystic ovaries on both sides, I'm waiting for my next appointment...
I am a bit over weight but for the last two years have really struggled to loose weight no matter how healthy I eat and how much I exercise!! Any tips id be really greatful!
Just looking for some general advise really... I've got to wait 3 months for my next appointment is there anything I can do to help my chances of getting pregnant while waiting for my next appointment ? Vitamins? Creams ? Foods I've seen some tips online but how true they are I'm not sure,
Would really appreciate someone that understands what I'm
Going through to give me a
Little hope
Thank you

Re: New member, recently been diagnosed with polysistic ovai

PostPosted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:31 am
by Hols969
I would start temping to see if you are ovulating as you dont need a period to ovulate (and periods actually dont mean much as I was pretty regular but didnt ovulate). I would also get your partner on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets just to boost his wrigglers just in case as 1/3 of fertility issues are now men.

Fertility wise, your BMI needs to be below 30 to get fertility treatment so make sure it is below so they cant fob you off.

It is extremely rare not to conceive just because of pcos so try not to worry too much, diet wise just cut out all white carbs and as much sugar as you can as both make the condition worse. You have at least 10 years before you need to worry about the ticking clock as well as the one advantage of pcos is our egg quality remains better for longer so we can conceive later in life too.

I quite like the 5:2 diet (once you get your head around it) as it isnt expensive and actually quite easy. If we ate the RDA we would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone in a year just by having the RDA so we do need to eat considerably less than non pcos ladies. We have a conference in London in a week that you may want to consider going to if you are close enough as they are amazing and you learn so much as well.

Good luck but try not to worry. xx