What will work?

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What will work?

Postby Minxytinks » Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:41 am

I've had PCOS since my daughter was born, I managed to lose most of the baby weight I gained with my daughter (literally all but 6lbs)
I had terrible periods that were always late and I started to complain of facial hair and not being able to get pregnant again. It took four years to be finally diagnosed with Pcos.
Over that time I'd put on 4 stone, and I've put on another 2-3 stone since.

I could never take metformin because it makes my stomach hurt so bad. I've recently just gone on to the modified release stuff and am currently on 1000mg of this per day.

I have heard that Macca root, b12, vitamin D, omega 3 and vitex all help. I've tried taking all of these with metformin and it hasn't helped me to ovulate.

I keep putting on weight and the more weight I put on, the less I get my period.
My periods now come every 4-6 months.

I want to make it all better- how can I help this?

Has anyone tried slimming world? Does it help with the hormones?

The Drs aren't much help, they just say lose weight, but at 12ish stone I had a real problem conceiving. My head is such a mess trying to figure out how to make things better.

I haven't been able to conceive in almost seven years.
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Re: What will work?

Postby Hols969 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:33 am

Lots of ladies love slimming world, I think really it is down to what fits in with your lifestyle really as that is the one you are most likely to stick to. I love the 5:2 (once I got my head around it) and it has totally changed how I feel about hunger really.

There is actually a question mark as to if metformin is actually any good for pcos ladies as it isnt licenced as a pcos drug in the uk so the jury is out on that one!!
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Re: What will work?

Postby hkittypink » Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:44 am

Hi there,

I personally think that Slimming World requires a lot of work and has some odd theories - like eat as many Muller lights as you want... errr they're 99 calories each, eat 20 of those a day and you'll still put on weight!

I'm currently using my fitness pal app which sets my calorie intake at 1200 a day. It's really made me think about everything I put into my mouth. Recently I was shocked to find out ONE jelly baby is 20 calories! I don't have a lot to loose, but have lost 6 Ib in 5 weeks, a colleague of mine lost a stone in his first week! It's really motivating because at the end of the day you check out your diary and it tells you what your weight will be in 5 weeks, which is inspirational! It also links in the number of steps I've done that day too.

Good luck xx
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Re: What will work?

Postby elpulpo » Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:16 pm

Just a quick post...

I found that cutting out carbs worked like a dream for me. For an evening meal I had meat/fish and loads of veg to replace potatoes/rice/pasta and my periods became regular (well 30-40days apart). This included no sweets or junk food but I did have as much fruit as I wanted. Soon my body became used to us reduced calorie diet and started functioning well.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and just try to stick to it for at least a month before deciding if it does/doesn't work xx
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Re: What will work?

Postby Hols969 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:39 pm

Yes I agree about cutting out carbs, I rarely have them at night now and dont miss them at all!
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