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PCOS & Diet

Postby Marlow87 » Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:59 am

Hi there!

I am new to this site & board, also recently diagnosed with PCOS.

A little background, I am 28 and my husband is 30, we have been TTC #1 since last August when I had my marina coil removed. My cycles have been every 28-38 days, the last 6 months more around 30-34 days. I had 1 miscarriage back in April other than that no luck.

During a doctors appointment for something unrelated to fertility my doctor noticed that some FSH & LH bloods I had had taken 6 months prior showed an imbalance and had I been tested for PCOS, I told her no although I have thought previously I may have a thyroid or similar issue as I struggle to loose and keep weight off - after 3 cycles of FSH/LH & day 21 progesterone tests + an USS she confirmed that I have PCOS, and have not ovulated in the last 3 cycles, and there is still an imbalance between my FSH & LH. After making me wait to find out what was wrong (she told me at the beginning there is help and she could refer me, explained about Metformin & Clomid) she sat me down on Monday to go through everything and told me I need to loose weight before she would even refer me to the gynaecologist, and to come back in a year if nothing had happened. Sufficed to say I was taken aback and it was not the news I had expected, I had expected help & support.

So here I am, TTC for over a year and being told I wont get help for another year, and I need to loose weight. I have read numerous things about diet & PCOS, cutting out diary, caffeine, alcohol, carbs, saturated fat, sugar etc and eat more soya for Estrogen, good fats, iron rich foods, protein etc - does anyone have any other advice, tips, ideas etc? I don't have any support from my friends or family, other than being told 'just loose weight then', hubby is being a typical man and just saying he will help me eat better and we will keep trying and if nothing by next year we will go back to the doctors. Any support would be great! Thank you :)
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Re: PCOS & Diet

Postby Lydiagoddard24 » Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:44 am

Hi! Reading your post felt just like reading something about me...I too am 28, my cycles are typically 38 days (with the occasional crazy long gap) and I also have suffered one miscarriage (2 years ago). I have really focussed on my diet and regular exercise since May this year and have achieved a 2.5st weight loss, drastically improving my self esteem and hopefully on the road to regular cycles (since the miscarriage these have gone from 30 days each month, albeit at a lower weight then than I am now to as described above) and I have finally got my GP to put through a referral so just had up to date scans and blood tests. I totally sympathise with your situation, i too feel although my husband is very supportive he doesn't completely understand the condition - understandably so for anyone who doesn't have it themselves! Here to chat if you would like to :) lydia x
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Re: PCOS & Diet

Postby Hols969 » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:15 pm

One thing I would mention to both of you is that you dont need the standard cycle to ovulate. Anything over 2 days of YOUR normal reduces the chances of you ovulating. The plus side of pcos is our egg quality remains better for longer so you have years and years before you need to worry (hopefully it wont be that long for you though)

Unfortunately most fertility NHS places wont take you until your BMI is below 30. Dieting is tough but you need to find a diet that suits you and your lifestyle. I initially lost 3 stone on the Norah Lane diet (in less than 6 months) and 3 other ladies also were on it at the time and all three got pregnant naturally (one lost 7 stone) and I find it fitted into my routine easily. Ive changed job now and really only fluctuate a bit (about a stone overweight at the mo) and I really like the 5:2 diet as it is cheap and once you get your head around it, changes how you feel about being hungry.

I think the most important thing is to cut out all white carbs and as much sugar as poss (natural as well really) 5g of sugar = a teaspoon of suger (thanks Jamie Oliver, very enlightening program the other week) and its quite shocking how much sugar there is, even in a tin of chopped tomato.

I would also up your exercise if you can as TTC can be one of the most depressing times every so the exercise can help your mind.

It is extremely rare not to conceive with pcos so try not to worry too much. There is loads of help to conceive but does go back to the BMI (even though we know its rubbish!! I was 30.8 when I conceived Noah, its funny you have a goal to lose weight e.g. getting pregnant but it still is so hard to stick with it as the weight loss is often so slow. If we ate the RDA we would still gain 2lb a month so we do need to eat less than non pcos ladies too.

You will get there in the end, take this as a chance to get your body in tip top condition as it does make everything easier.

Good luck.
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