Fallopian tubes slow to drain?

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Fallopian tubes slow to drain?

Postby SummerJessica » Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:41 pm

So I had ovarian drilling and dye passed through my tubes on Monday. When I came round I was informed that my tubes were clear but slow to drain but she could find no reason for this, i.e. no adhesions, blockages, endo etc. I had 4 holes in each ovary and she said the operation was a success. Can anyone tell me what this might mean? She doesn't believe this will impact my fertility but surely it must have some impact right? I have been told to TTC naturally for the next 4-6 months if my cycles resume. I have a son conceived on Clomid and I fell pregnant last year on Clomid but it unfortunately ended in miscarriage, so it doesn't seem like I have had a problem in the past. I just didn't expect to get an answer that has confused me even more.
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