Newly diagnosed and TTC - inositol?

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Newly diagnosed and TTC - inositol?

Postby florecita » Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:58 pm

I came off the pill 9 months ago after taking it for 6 years as I didn't want to be taking any medication, and have had just one light period seven weeks ago. My mum had irregular periods so I didn't panic too much, but a few weeks ago a scan confirmed I have polycystic ovaries. Whether or not I have PCOS instead of PCO with complications from coming off the pill isn't clear, as other than not having regular cycles and the cysts on the scan everything is normal. As my GP said 'you don't look like you have PCOS', but I know it is more complicated than that.

Although we're still fairly young my husband and I have decided to start TTC now given that things might be more difficult. What can I do to optimise our chances? I don't like taking medication but I am thinking of taking inositol, is that a good place to start? Should I also start taking folic acid supplements? I already take B12 and D3 because of being vegan and living in the UK where the sun never shines!

And has anyone else found the pill screwed up their cycles?
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Re: Newly diagnosed and TTC - inositol?

Postby Claire31 » Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:17 am

Hi there :)

I think there are quite a few women with pcos who do not look like they have pcos, if what we mean by that is a tendency to carry excess weight, excess hair and/or acne, so it is possible. I am sure they will run more tests, blood test would be good to check oestrogen and LH - which in pcos has an incorrect ratio and testosterone, which is usually higher with pcos.

In the mean time, I would think getting you to have a period would be a good start. If you take progesterone (Norethisterone or Provera) for 7-10 days depending on the drug, that should give you a period and then you could monitor that cycle to see if ovulation occurs naturally and if not, in time you should be prescribed a drug that can cause ovulation, like Clomid.

I have read very positive things about Inositol and when I tried it I did have a shorter cycle, though I stopped taking it before it had a chance to really get going. It should be taken with folic acid to help it to work.

Good news that you are young and I think you have done the right thing in getting started TTC if you think you will have problems. When I came of Cerazette (progesterone only pill) on which I had no periods at all, I didn't get a cycle back for months, whereas Microgynon gave me regular cycles for about 6 months after stopping it.

Best of luck and any other Qs feel free to ask :) xx
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