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Starting IVF

Postby Senta » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:29 am

I saw the Fertility Nurse on Tuesday and am now going to be starting Suprecur injections a week on Monday. I'm bit worried about injecting myself as I got to practice on this cushion thingy with the nurse and that was it. I know that injections are just part of the treatment and I'll just have to get on with it but I think it's the first one that is making me feel worried about it all.

Also nobody has told me about what I can and can't do now. I've ran on and off for the past couple years but I've noticed that some women stop exercising right before and during the treatment. What type of exercise are we able to do?

We are also due to go to a wedding in August and will be staying two nights. Has anyone else had to go away for a couple of nights and what did they do with their medication when they went as it needs to be stored in a fridge?

S x
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Re: Starting IVF

Postby littlelolly » Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:10 pm

Hi Senta,

I've done one round of IVF so can answer some of your questions. I too was worried about the injections and if I can inject myself anyone can. Just take your time and don't rush. My husband did my first couple and the I did them myself no bother. I used to alternate between my thigh and my tummy as you can sometimes bruise.
When i did my treatment, I still carried on swimming and was told I could carry on with exercise that I normally did. I did have to stop swimming after I had the egg put back and didn't swim during my two week wait as there is a risk of infection. If you are worried as one of the nurses at your clinic. It's not advisable to do really strenuous exercise when you are growing eggs. To be honest when I was down regulating, I was also on suprecur and I felt so washed out so often didn't feel up to exercising and when I was stimming (growing eggs) I felt too uncomfortable to exercise particularly just before I took my trigger shit to mature the eggs.
I didn't drink alcohol at all during my IVF cycle due to personal choice and I did cut down on caffeine too.
I've never been away during the cycle so can't answer your question about storing your medication, I would speak to your clinic to check on that. I really hope it goes well for you, best of luck xxx
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Re: Starting IVF

Postby ma5alababe » Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:13 pm

Hi Senta

In response to your questions:

- Get your partner to do the first few ( assuming he is not screamish ?) and then you can do them together?. I had an auto injector pen so it was hard to get it wrong and as long as you don't move the whole medication should go in.

- I have always continued with exercise until ET and it hasn't caused me any probs. After EC you may feel tired and achey so may want to take it easy. I was told that 'gentle' exercise is allowed after ET but I preferred to rest up in the 2 WW.

- Most hotels have a fridge/ mini bar in which you should be able to keep your drugs. When you travel, you can put in an cool bag and maybe add some ice to it?. I would check with your pharmacy the best way to do it. I usuallay carry my trigger shot in cool bag back on the tube. I once had to do atrigger shot at a 40th in a post hotel. I took the injection in a cool bag ( it was winter mind) and then had to get DH to find a suitable spot to inject at the right time ( we found a disabled toilet)

I hope this helps ??

Also, the IVF buddies thread is fab so get over there !!!
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