TTC for 5.5 years with no success and doctor is no use =(

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TTC for 5.5 years with no success and doctor is no use =(

Postby lilcammy89 » Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:05 am

HI all

Im new to verity but not PCOS, I was diagnoised in march 2010 and have been TTC ever since as doctor at the time advised i only had until i was 30 to have children, I am now 25 and i am over weight and have insulin resistance type 2 diabetes , i have been trying to loose the weight as the consultant has advised he wont treat me until i get to a certain weight but as much as i try nothing seems to come off, i eat healthy and drink water instead of fizzy juice and excerise at least 30 mins per day on my cross trainer , but each time i go to the consultant he tells me the same info and is not willing to help me , he uses phrases like if i had a magic pill or a magic wand i would make it all better and i would be living it up in the bahammas which doesnt help me it gets me so down and feel as if no one wants to help ,

Have any of you went through the same and if so what did you do i need some help

thanks in advance
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Re: TTC for 5.5 years with no success and doctor is no use =

Postby hkittypink » Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:23 am

Hi lilcammy89,

I've not had to lose any weight for TTC but have been bigger in the past and didn't want to read and run.

I personally ate OK, but my portions were too big so I cut those down, I also cut out totally any fried foods including those where the meat or onions are browned - I suppose nowadays you can use Fry-Lite.

Have you thought about joining a Slimming world Group? The people I work with say it's great motivation and a structured eating plan without you feeling hungry.

Are you on Metamorphin? especially with your diabetes I'd have thought that was an option to help you lose weight and help you maintain your blood sugar. Your consultant sounds rubbish! I'm now 33 and mine says not to worry, if I were 37 then start worrying then, so you've got plenty of time. So don't stress! Will your GP refer you to a dietician?

What is your current BMI if you don't mind me asking?

I hope that this has been useful, there are some lovely ladies here so I have everything crossed that you get the answers you need.

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Re: TTC for 5.5 years with no success and doctor is no use =

Postby lilcammy89 » Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:23 pm

hi hkittypink,

thanks for the reply, I very rarely fry anything to be honest with you and if i do i drain all the grease from it and only use very little oil.
I have tried slimming world in the past but wasnt for me and i have tried metformin but it makes me feel very sick so had to stop taking them , although i am diabetic my blood sugars at reviews are always very good and have been told if i didnt weigh what i do i wouldnt be diabetic.

My current BMI is 38.8 and he wants me down to 36.8 which doesnt seem alot but when you break it down it is a bout a stone but nothing i try seems to work i work out on my cross trainer at least 30 mins a day when i can due to other commitments but just not happening it is frustrating =(

My consultant is rubbish and i get disheartened everytime i go to them , i have also seen a dietician and they couldnt make any changes as i am eating what i should

I just dont know where to turn at the moment =(
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Re: TTC for 5.5 years with no success and doctor is no use =

Postby Amber » Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:10 pm

Your consultant does seem rubbish. Stop worrying about age, you say you are 25 and 30 is not a cut off point. I had my daughter when I was 41 (natural conception) though it did take a long time to get there. Diet and lifestyle is really important though. Make sure you are not over doing the exercise, but do make sure you do some, preferably something you enjoy! If the exercise makes you prone to more colds and illness you are doing too much. With diet it is the sugar and refined carbs that are the real problem with PCOS. Beware of processed diet food as it is often full of sugar and refined carbs. Do make sure you get enough natural fats in your diet as these contain fat soluble vitamins which are essential to fertility. Frying in vegetable oil is the worst thing to do but full fat dairy is much better than the low fat stuff. Make sure you eat food that makes you feel satisfied and not hungry a couple of hours after you eat.

Sometimes it is best to do your own research as I personally found the medical consultants useless. It was when I walked away and researched and tried things out myself that I got pregnant.
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Re: TTC for 5.5 years with no success and doctor is no use =

Postby lilcammy89 » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:16 pm

Hi Amber,

I think i worry about age because when i was diagnoised i was told i had until i was 30 and when asking consultant about this he didnt give me much reassurance , i have reduced my cards the only carbs i really eat is wholemeal bread for toast in the morning so reduced that and cut out fizzy juice and other junk food . it is frustrating when doctors arent helping and arent giving any assitance when you are struggling :(

thanks for your reply and congratulations on having your baby :)
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