new here & in need of some help!

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new here & in need of some help!

Postby Kaylc » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:28 pm

Hi all im :) just wondered if anyone has the same experience or has any info!
weve been ttc number 3 for over a year now,(managed to fall pregnant with the first 2 straight away wasnt aware of having or if i did have pcos then) ive had bloods done and my progesterone and other levels were low, then today i had a scan done to check my pcos, the sonographer found 1 follicle on my right ovary and couldnt say if i had or hadnt yet ovulated, (she said i have or was about to)(10 days ago i did have a massive glob of EWCM so im hoping i have) but went on to say the lining of my womb was thick which could mean im about to come on. :roll: im on around day 56 of my cycle, and have been having sharp/dull aching around my right ovary, and have been doing the deed regularly. Has anyone managed to get pregnant with one follicle before? my results wont be with my GP until monday and im so desperate for answers!! thanks in advance :P xx
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