TTC- negative pregnancy tests

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TTC- negative pregnancy tests

Postby Kirstywilliams86 » Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:39 pm

Hi all,

I am hoping I that you can help to put my mind at ease. I was diagnosed with pcos over a year ago...and have been TTC for about 2 years after being on cerezette for about 9 years. My periods were slow at first, I was never regular before, but the last 7 months they have been every month between 4 weeks and 2-4 inbetween each. This month I would of been due on Friday but nothing, I usually get period pains a couple of days before but nothing. I was really excited by this as this has never happened....however done a couple of tests and all negative! I feel so low. I did use cheap tests, does that make a difference?
Last time we had BD was 29th may....and think I was ovulating then. I am so confused....any advice??

Thank you in advance :cry:
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Re: TTC- negative pregnancy tests

Postby Daisy1883 » Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:31 pm

Hi Kirsty,

I am new here so I can't offer you too much advice. I only came of the pill in April TTC #1 and have just had my first natural period in ten years (after being on the pill) so who knows what's even happening with my cycle or ovulation!

One thing I have picked up quite quickly is that you don't need expensive/digital tests to get an accurate or even early result. Over on the NetMums forum lots of people really rate the Superdrug own brand ones. I picked up four (two boxes of 2) for just under £10 the other day because they were on offer. I've used one (BFN!) but it was very easy to use and clear to read. I have read that the clear blue ones won't pick up a pregnancy as early as some others (such as Superdrug cheapies and First Response) ones because they need to detect more pregnancy hormone to work.

It might just be too early for you, I'd do another one in a few days and make sure you use your first wee of the day. Good luck, really hope you get your BFP!

Daisy xx
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