Ovarian Drilling & monitoring Ovulation

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Ovarian Drilling & monitoring Ovulation

Postby Niamh » Thu May 14, 2015 11:45 pm

Hi everyone'

New to forum have PCOS since 14 with AO am now 29 TTC last 2 years, tried clomid up to maximum dosage but no ovulation, tried Gonal F for TSI but over responded so Dr cancelled that round. Have now just had ovarian drilling 1 week ago was beginning to feel OK until today my right side is in a lot of pain and cried my eyes out all day for no reason.
My questioning is if I have annovulation, when or how do I begin tracking if I have actually or will ovulate? As I don't usually have a cycle? Also I read a lot about clomid with ovarian drilling but if it hasn't worked for me before then what else ?

Thank you. :)
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Re: Ovarian Drilling & monitoring Ovulation

Postby TheSponges » Mon May 18, 2015 3:29 pm

Hi Niamh,

Im new to this forum too and have also just had ovarian drilling so thought maybe we could be of some support for each other.

I had my ovarian drilling on Wednesday 13th May and I normally have no cycle whatsoever. My consultant advised me to go off and TTC for 3 months naturally before going back to see him and discuss Clomid. If that doesn't work, I think for us it would be about moving on to IVF.

I decided to just start monitoring ovulation tests once the bleeding post op stopped which was around 72 hours. I know the likelihood of such early ovulation is low but I guess I'm feeling quite desperate and it makes me feel like I am doing something. So far...absolutely nothing obviously. I too keep finding myself crying but I think for me its just a build up of emotions. I so desperately want this surgery to work and keep thinking 'what if nothing happens?' then i get really upset. How long are you off work?

Did you have much bleeding post op? Any signs of any AF since?

Hope we can help each other xx
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Re: Ovarian Drilling & monitoring Ovulation

Postby *~*PINKPIXIE*~* » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:18 am

I hardly ever come onto Verity any more, but I saw your messages on a rare visit and wanted to reply.

I struggled to conceive my first and was given the diagnosis of PCOS. In fact, severe PCOS. My ovaries were three times the size they should have been, my hormones were way off beam and I was clomid resistant. My consultant did ovarian drilling in March 2009 and I remember being beside myself with worry about whether it would work. Well, it did! My first full cycle after the operation I got my first ever BFP which turned into my son who is now 6. It was a long cycle still, I ovulated on cd32-ish and that was with the help of meds still, but a BFP nonetheless! I was lucky to conceive a second son two years later on just the meds as the effects of the ovarian drilling were still there to enough of an extent.

It's so hard to believe it will work out, but I thought a positive story would be helpful. After I conceived my second son, my consultant told me that my PCOS was so bad when he first saw me that he thought I was between slim hope and no hope of conceiving!

Claire x
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Re: Ovarian Drilling & monitoring Ovulation

Postby lulu23 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:26 am

That's a great story Claire and thanks for sharing!
I had my OD in March 2015 - natural AF arrived 6 weeks later took 100MG of Clomid on days 2-6 but I haven't had a 2nd AF since :cry: starting to think it didn't work for me but booked in to see specialist on 11th June to see if there is anything else to try.
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