Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully received

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Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully received

Postby onlyme83 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:21 am

Hiya, I'm Lynsey and I'm 31, married nearly 10 years, was diagnosed with pcos at about 15. Usual symptoms, I'm overweight, (not helped by also having a dicky hip), facial and body hair, no period. I've been on the pill since 15, dianette was good but have me high bp so after some trial and error, been on cerazette for years.
I've been given metformin, lost weight, then stopped taking it. Just got out of the habit years ago. Was referred to specialist but after being told"just come off the pill see what happens, you're married anyway " even though I was saying at 27 I wasnt quite ready to TTC ... I also stopped going there. I guess I resented feeling like I had to rush into TTC where others my age might not even consider it. Also it felt like a rather old fashioned attitude! And pressure I couldn't deal with at the time.

Well now I'm nearly 32 and we feel more ready, my cerazette ran out middle of last week and I just didn't go for another prescription! Decision made .... I never wanted to wait until I was desperate for a baby because I'm prepared for this to take some time and need intervention and stress and upset can't be good for TTC.

But I'm a complete novice! Read someone else on here saying GPS aren't really interested in pcos until you are ttc and that's exactly right. So I guess I need to go speak to the Dr and also about my hip problem but what should I expect? I know I shouldn't have stopped seeing but in my defence I was going through a difficult time and felt so pressured and time has flown since.

I've been reading as much as I can here on Verity but I've no understanding of charting temperatures and ovulation so I'd really appreciate if anyone could summarise or point me in right direction!
I'm thinking even though it's really really unlikely, how would you even know you were pg if you aren't having periods to miss :oops: I probably sound really dumb and I promise I'm not, I'm just overwhelmed by the prospect and need to know where to start!
Anyone suggest an action plan .....? Up to now all I've done is note down the date I took my last cerazette!

It's such a relief just to type all this "out loud " to people who will know what I'm on about without uncomfortable explanations! I'd really like to help my hubby understand everything too, he's really supportive and wants everything to be right, it's not easy for them either. "Normal" couples we know and love just come off the pill and a year later have a beautiful baby and while that stings me, I think it must also feel weird for him even though we haven't been trying. Just the thought of it not being like it is for others .... I guess you'll understand
Sorry for the long post and silly questions but some basics would be really helpful xxx
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Re: Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully rece

Postby Claire31 » Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:56 am

Hi hun :)

The GP would most likely advise you to TTC for 6 months before referring you for help but if you have no periods in this time I think it's almost a wasted 6 months. There are 2 main drugs used to bring on a period and they are Provera and Norethisterone, if you haven't had a period in in 2-3 months and you are not pregnant, I think the GP would be happy to prescribe that for you so at least you can have a period and see what your body will do naturally. After the 6 months if you were not pregnant then they could get the ball rolling for a referral and the most common next step is to be prescribed Clomid (if you are not ovulating naturally) your husband will also have his sperm tested to make sure all is well there.

Temping is quite easy once you get in to it and the best way at first to see what your body is doing. Not having periods can cause us to get our hopes up about being pregnant but if you have a temp chart that doesn't show ovulation that can help to avoid that pain. Amazon sell basal thermometers for under £5, most of us bought the Babymad one, it gives a really accurate reading to 2 places, i.e. not just 36.5 but 36.57 for example. Then you can sign up for a free online chart at Fertility Friend, input your temp each morning and let it do the work for you, they even email you lots of info about temping when you sign up.

Ovulation test strips can give false positives in women with pcos so use with caution and match with other fertile signs like egg white CM and a temp rise etc, a lot of us get ovulation pain just before ov too.

You are right not to feel pressured in to TTC before you are ready but you do need to consider that sometimes it takes a long time for us to conceive and think about how many children you might want etc and then do what feels right for you. We don't have crystal balls unfortunately and so can never know if we will be pregnant in 1 month or 3 years :(

If you want to, join the Clomid Buddies thread, there's always ladies in there that can answer questions as you go along and finally best of luck :) xx
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Re: Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully rece

Postby onlyme83 » Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:57 am

Thanks Claire that's really helpful. I've downloaded fertility friend though I'm instantly stumped because i can't say when my last period was! I did note down any bleeds last year (had none since last october) but don't know if that even counts as i was on the pill.
Is it still worth inputting temperatures... guess i could still be ovulating ...
need to see if i can get to see a nice gp! That's a task in itself at my surgery lol.
there's some really inspirational stuff on here and i can see i need to read a lot. Just been living with the symptoms up to now.

I think this is the right time to start because I've always known I want a baby and so has hubby but we've been working hard, lots of hols and treats, basically being selfish and being together! Hopefully means we are close enough and settled enough to go through whatever is coming next. And nor left it so late that we ate stressed and worried about time taken.

It is quite daunting decision tomakeforanyone but with PCOS thrown in the mix ....and I find a lot of people don't understand it and I don't want to enlighten then because the symptoms are so embarrassing !
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Re: Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully rece

Postby shoegalclaire » Thu Apr 09, 2015 8:08 am

HI Lynz,

I was in the same position as you at the beginning with no period and nothing to enter on Fertility Friend but when I got referred they gave me Norethisterone to induce a period so I could start my Clomid cycles. It's best to start a chart afresh with a new period so if you can try and get the GP to give you Norethisterone/Provera then this could kick start it for you. Usually it's taken for 7 days and then you bleed afterwards. I would really try and push the GP into referring you as it takes a while to get the ball rolling (so to speak) - it will take a while for the Cerazette to get out of your system completely too. However, if you'd rather try naturally for a while and/or you're not ready for fertility clinics yet then like Claire said you can always try charting for a bit and see how you get on. It's rather daunting at the start of not knowing what to do/how to use these things but the Clomid buddies thread is really good (even if you're not on Clomid) - they will give you loads of advice about charting etc.

Good luck! xx
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Re: Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully rece

Postby ma5alababe » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:22 pm

I would say go and talk through the options with your GP if you feel that you can. Everyone is different so what works for one may not be the best for another, you need to do what works for you

BTW- excuse my ignorance but whats a dicky hip ?
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Re: Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully rece

Postby onlyme83 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:29 pm

I was born with hip dysplacia but it was missed because the dislocation was so big. Til i was about 12 months old. So a lot of damage done and gives me pain and mobility problems. Was always told i would not be able to give birth naturally
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Re: Where to start .... any input and advice gratefully rece

Postby onlyme83 » Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:24 pm

Just an update ... what a shock. ... on Sunday i started a Proper Period! Is a blessing and a curse ... good to know something in there is working but it's been very heavy and achey like they were before they stopped due to pcos! First one I've had in years ( just had occasional very light bleeds not even spotting usually).

I've got a thermometer and been charting on fertility friend. It's funny because exactly 10 days before Sunday i had really sore hard nipples for a few days which I've never experienced. I googled and it said pregnant or ovulating .... ruled out pregnancy but then when i came on on Sunday i googled again and sure enough ovulation symptoms like that are around 10 days before period so i guess that's what it was!
Be interesting to see if anything happens in the next month or so or is it a one off.
Been off the pill since April.

I saw the gp a few weeks after my original post who told me to give it 6 months and go back but i was happy with that having only just come off long term bcp.
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