Newbie! How long TTC before going to drs?!

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Newbie! How long TTC before going to drs?!

Postby cocobean » Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:08 pm

I am a newbie - so sorry if this has been answered before....
I was diagnosed with PCOS in April this year - and given Spriolactone (not sure I've spelt that right!) really helped with bad skin and 'manly' hairs, :shock: but told when I was TTC I should come off it a month before. I got married in Aug, and came of Spiro at being of Aug. I was told to try to concieve naturally for a bit 1st then go back to docs - does anyone have advice when I should go back? The specialst suggested they would prob try my on chlomid.
Also, my bad skin and boy hairs have come back with avenengce making me feel super rubbish again - can anyone recommend something?! The plucking and bleaching routine is so time-consuming, and if I sit for too long looking at them it usually ends in tears!
I've heard Metaformin can be taken for this - does anyone know if I can just go and ask for it?!
Huge Thanks! xx :)
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Re: Newbie! How long TTC before going to drs?!

Postby EdithJane » Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:38 pm

Hi Cocobean,

I was told that I would had to have been TTC for two years and living with the guy for a year before they would give us any medication, which sounds silly! I'm In Bradford though so it is probably different In your area. I think It could change depending on your age and circumstances though.

I don't know what to suggest for your hairs though, I feel like I do nothing but pluck!
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Re: Newbie! How long TTC before going to drs?!

Postby Dariana » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:02 am

Two years!? That's ridiculous!

I think NHS's general practice is to have 6 months of TTC with a known fertility issue and 12 without a known fertility issue(before getting a referral to a specialist). I actually got referred before 6 months!

I think either way, there's no harm going to the doctor at this stage, I believe.

Regarding hair--they won't always prescribe Metformin, as it is used mainly for insulin resistance and/or diabetes. We do have a forum about hair, where someone may be able to help you; I know some have tried electrolysis with fairly good results. However, if your hair and skin are fair (so there is little contrast between the two) it won't work. Being blonde, I'm relegated to waxing. >.<
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Re: Newbie! How long TTC before going to drs?!

Postby miracle19 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 9:08 am

Hiya regarding the hair thing. I have really dark hair and get really bad hair on my chin. I have started using a beauty trimmer (JML can get it at boots) although it sounds bad cos it is like shaving it doesn't leave stubble and if you just do it everyday you can see barely anything. Obviously not perfect as nothing really is but it has changed my life so much. I just do it in the morning everyday and hubby says it isn't noticeable at all when I have, xxxx
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