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Postby Helen84 » Mon May 31, 2010 3:09 pm

OMG! Im suprised my hubby hasnt hung me from the rafters! lol. I have been having terrible mood swings. Im on northisterone, this will be my 3rd week of taking in then a week off. I have taken it before but never had mood swings like this. The littlist thing sets me off, then an hour later im all cuddly again and then the smallest thing i get upset! I go through every emotion in one day!
Apart from that the northisterone is making my boobs VERY sore, im having cramps, which i think are my body fighting the northisterone as i normally bleed constantly and my back is aching! I just hope i can get my dye xray test done this cycle or i have to go through all this again until i get the xray done!
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