Can the doctor tell if I'm in the 2WW?

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Can the doctor tell if I'm in the 2WW?

Postby espoir » Thu May 13, 2010 11:35 am

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently on CD 47 and no sign of AF. Did a HPT last weekend and a BFN. I did have some very painful cramps around CD14 but nothing else. Thought maybe I had a late OV last week (symptom spotting), but may have been wishful thinking. I've had lots of gas the last weeks and since Wed night have had the urge to urinate. I'm not regularly temping but have a rough idea of what my high and low are. My temp was up this morning, but am guessing the frequent urination is more likely a UTI, which would explain that. I was planning on going to doc next week to get Norethisterone so I can get back onto TTC. In the very unlikely event that I would have happened to conceive would he be able to tell from the internal scans if I was in the 2WW?
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