High Levels Of Progesterone but no period for 5months

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High Levels Of Progesterone but no period for 5months

Postby c12lar » Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:56 pm

myself & my hubby to be have been trying for a baby since aug 09(diagnosed with pcos aged 17 now 26) i came off the pill aug 09 and have had no sucess so far, my gp has recently referred us to fertiltiy clinic for further diagnosis ive had no period since dec 09.my other half also had semen test carried out which was fine my gp carried out all necessary blood tests to find out if i was ovulating and results was that there was high levels of progesterone over 2 weeks and 3rd week it came back at a satisfactory level, im slightly confused as doctors explanation for high progesterone was that i was ovulating but can you ovulate and concieve natrually without periods??? im maybe being slighty blonde but thats always what i thought.
Also during 2 weeks progesterone was high i felt extremly bloated and slighty emotional and having no luck with weight loss even though im doing the same things i did before and was being successful with weight loss previously
im really in need of some advice as im now back to the bloated stage of the month with no sign of any periods, which up until now i was never bothered with argh!!!!
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