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Medication help

Postby ecalds95 » Fri May 06, 2016 8:50 am

Hi Ladies.

I am just looking for some advice. My GP has just prescribed me with Cerelle which is a mini pill (progesterone only pill). I do not have a break when taking this pill. The doctors have told me the purpose of being on the pill is to regulate my cycle and help me ovulate. If I am having no break and taking the pill continuously, will it even regulate my cycle or help me ovulate?

I have also heard the herbal medicine Maca is good for helping regulate things have any of you tried it? The doctor said I can try it if I want but just to tell them what it is I'm taking, I'm too scared to try either.

One last question: do any of you know anything about any other combined pills of lower strength I could ask my doctor if I could try them? They wanted to put me on Rigevidon but because of previous history with migraines.

I'm scared, I'm only 21, I don't want my whole life controlled by medication but if it's my best chance of both conceiving in the future and monitoring the condition, I want what's best.

Thank you so much x
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Re: Medication help

Postby Meringoo » Mon May 16, 2016 1:55 pm

Cerelle (aka Cerazette) is the desogestrel POP. It works in a similar way to the combined pill, but without oestrogen. It prevents ovulation in 97% of cycles, making it a good pill for women with PCOS who can't or don't like taking oestrogen. I'm on this pill and have been in the past. I love it, personally. I don't really get any side effects, aside from a little bit of spotting occasionally. As for what your doctor said, it's not the same as a combined pill, which would control when you bleed, but because it doesn't stimulate uterine lining to grow to that extent, you don't need to worry about having regular/planned bleeds.

Unless you experience migraines with aura, you could still use a combined pill. Rigevidon is a generic of Microgynon, so not the best for PCOS as it is highly androgenic, which leads to acne and hair growth in women with a predisposition to those PCOS symptoms. It would however regulate your bleeding. I think your doctor needs to use the word "cycle" carefully as it can get confusing - your natural cycle is suppressed by both Cerelle and combined pills.

The problem with natural remedies, Chinese herbs etc is that they aren't measured and tested like pharmaceuticals are. So, your doctor may be fine with you taking them instead of the pill, but they would possible regulate your cycle only due to the natural plant oestrogens, not because they are a magic cure. By using the pill/POP, you are taking something that is regulated and measurable, which is easier to monitor. These pills also do the opposite of plant remedies - they switch off your ovaries, allowing them to repair and reduce cysts, and (in the case of the combined pill) control when and for how long you bleed, which is preferable to many women with PCOS. They can also reduce androgenicity, in term helping issues with hair and skin.
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