Can't take the combined pill...options?

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Can't take the combined pill...options?

Postby leylae94 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:53 pm

I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 months ago and was prescribed the mini pill (Noriday) to stop the constant bleeding I was experiencing. The main side effect I'm struggling with is the excess hair growth, but I can't get a prescription of Dianette due to migraines. GP also said she wouldn't prescribe Metformin as my weight is normal. Feel like I'm running out of options here...does anyone know of anything else out there that might help? Even the GP admitted she doesn't know much about PCOS treatments :(
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Re: Can't take the combined pill...options?

Postby Meringoo » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:34 pm

The best progestogen-only pill for you would be Cerazette/Cerelle. It's a desogestrel-only pill which suppresses ovulation in 97% of cycles, unlike the older types of POP that only do this in around 50% of cycles. So that's the first change you should make. I get on really well with Cerazette. It's a very good oestrogen-free option. Ask for sprironolactone to help tackle the excess hair.

I was never allowed Metformin, even at my heaviest, with my BMI being something like 34.5. I just got told to work on finding a diet that enabled me to lose weight successfully. The best and quickest diet for me has been the Cambridge Weight Plan, but any of those very low calorie diets are fine. They're hard work, but losing 3 stone in a year is pretty amazing and inspiring! And as long as you adopt healthy eating and exercising habits after you stop the diet, you don't put all the weight back on. I stopped doing this diet over a year ago and I've gained 11 pounds, but that's mostly due to different meds I've been on, and inactivity. I can lose it when I try, just slower than others!

If the extreme diet plans don't appeal to you, go for a low GI diet, which isn't heavy with carbs. I personally do better when I'm vegetarian, but that's possibly due to the healthier choices I make then.

Lastly, don't be afraid to simply change doctors! Find one who knows about women's health and contraception.
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