Metformin linked to pain?

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Metformin linked to pain?

Postby MrsBridges » Tue Feb 16, 2016 11:37 pm

I've been suffering with pain in my hands, elbows, arms for nearly 2 years. Sometimes I get tingling or numbness in my fingers. The pain is hard to describe, it's kind of like a sharp ache. I've had steroid injections which didnt help, massage which didnt help, and recently had bloods done to check for inflammatory arthritis. Blood showed a lack of vitamin d so I was on a high dose prescription for a few months. My levels are now normal but I am still getting the pains. I started taking metformin a few months before my pain issues started. I was exercising loads and then suddenly unable to do anything because of the pain.

Has anyone had metformin cause pain as I am wondering if it could be related. I don't think the doctors should have put me on it like they did as they didn't do a blood sugar test, I just told them I had pcos and couldn't lose weight.

Any help appreciated x
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