need some advice

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need some advice

Postby B17Fan » Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:41 pm

My story is that I've had pcos for 7 years. Since July, for the middle 2 weeks of my cycle I get severe depression and anxiety. I'm on sertraline but I still get this happening. I'm on the highest dose of that now. My mood is usually very normal and good in the luteal phase. I've just been put on marvelon and I'm on day 8. Started it the first day of my period. I haven't got severe depression yet, which usually starts on day 8, but 4 days into my period I started feeling down and my ocd has been playing up. I just wonder if this is just a symptom of initially starting the pill and it will go away once it's in my system for a few months? It all makes sense to have a progesterone dominant pill. Just want things to even out. Hope someone gets back to me. Would love some advice. Thanks
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