From Yasmin to Cerelle

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From Yasmin to Cerelle

Postby Nicki_Sue » Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:01 am

Hi all
I haven't posted in some time!

I've been taken off Yasmin today after years and start Cerelle tomorrow (due to my BMI of 32 which they'd rather be under 30) coupled with the fact I'm prediabetic / on Metformin etc. The doctor was lovely about it all however I'm concerned about some of the posts I've read having a quick Google on Cerelle. Has anyone else changed from a combined to a pill such as Cerelle? I found Yasmin helped with the hair issues and my very long and painful periods dropped to 7 days with only 3-4 very heavy days.
I know we are all different but from a PCOS point of view I'd love to hear how the switch has gone between the two types from a pcos point of view.
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